Learn about electric vehicles

Enjoy the driving experience

Electric cars have a silent motor so you can either enjoy the peace and tranquillity of a smooth electric drive, or enjoy listening to your favourite music in a whole new way.

With tremendous torque, the electric car accelerates quickly and smoothly every time.

Easy to charge

  •  You have the freedom to charge at home, at work or on the go. Charging points can be found at many supermarkets, leisure centres and car parks
  •  A searchable map of the UK’s ever-growing network of public charging points can be found at www.zap-map.com
  •  It’s easiest to have an electric car charge-point fitted at your home, but all electric cars can be plugged in with a regular 3-pin socket.

Cheap to run

  •  Electric cars are extremely cheap to run, costing on average £2.80 to drive 100 miles
  •  Tesla Model S drivers can charge for free at any Tesla supercharge station around the world!
  •  Many vehicles have rapid charge ability, where a 20-minute charge can replenish the battery to 80%
  •  Once registered with TfL, you can travel in and out of London for free as all Electric Vehicles are exempt from the London Congestion Charge
  •  Because they have fewer moving parts, electric cars require less maintenance

Better for the environment

  •  You can do your bit for the planet by switching to an emission-free electric car to reduce your carbon footprint.
  •  Electric cars don’t use any petrol or diesel so don’t emit any tailpipe emissions or greenhouse gases.
  •  Vehicle emissions are destroying our environment and are seriously harmful to our health.
  •  Every car that is replaced with an electric vehicle contributes a CO2 saving of around 133.1g/km. If every car on the road was an electric car, we’d all benefit from cleaner air in our lungs.

Did you know… a pedestrian walking down Marylebone Road in London would draw in the equivalent pollution of one cigarette in just 48 minutes.


  • "I have been driving a Nissan Leaf supplied by DriveElectric for over three years. The car is fantastic, is well engineered and a pleasure to drive. It feels very futuristic and clean and conventional internal combustion cars now seem primitive in comparison, so I will never buy another. I love the way the Leaf's satnav helps me to find charging points and have used it to travel quite significant distances without any problems."

    Dan Grierson Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • "It's not just a great EV, it's a great car. It's quiet, it's comfortable, and it's spacious. It's safe. The driving experience is fantastic."

    Tesla Model S driver Buckinghamshire