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My Live Vehicles

The MyLiveVehicle dashboard is a complimentary service available to all business customers of DriveElectric. The super-simple dashboard provides all your essential electric vehicle data in one easy-to-access place.

Delete that spreadsheet - the MyLiveVehicles dashboardis the simple way to take full control of your EV fleet, whether that's five electric vehicles or five hundred. Quickly access aggregate key data points such as mileage, charging costs and contract details, or drill down to a single vehicle. The dashaboard has been designed to be super-intuitive, to allow you to quickly make decisions on where to prioritise your time and effort.

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As pioneers in the EV industry, we appreciate that managing multiple EVs can feel like a time-consuming task for already tied-up business leaders. Perhaps it’s even the one thing stopping you from taking your first steps towards reaching Net Zero.

With our intuitive dashboard, this barrier between you and your new sustainability journey can be instantly broken down.

And best of all access to MyLiveVehicles is all part of the DriveElectric service to UK businesses.

Key points

  • Simple and concise navigation- Our dashboard makes managing your administration and monitoring tasks a breeze thanks to its intuitive and easy-to-adopt interface. 

  • Fleet usage- Pair your vehicles with employees to manage the day-to-day fleet usage of your all-electric fleet. Enjoy low-hassle management of all your EVs, from where they are now and what they’ll be doing next.

  • Financial and carbon cost data– Keep track of your green progress by receiving an in-depth analysis of your results, so you make decisions with total clarity. 

  • Full charging data transparency– The EV Hub allows you to see exactly how much your charging activity is costing your business - not just financially, but environmentally too. 

  • Integrate with workplace charging solutions– The EV Hub offers charging integration tools that allows you to access local solutions at the click of a button. Including our own charging and other low-carbon technology solutions.

DriveElectric Plus AI-powered charging compared to other charging options

Add DriveElectric Plus for major carbon reduction

The MyLiveVehicle dashboard works seemlessly with DriveElectric Plus to drive down your carbon emissions of your EV fleet and empower your drivers.

Speak to your account manager about access

Access to the MyLiveVehicles dashboard is all part of the service to DriveElectric business customers with one or more live electric vehicles.