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Electric vehicles and their environmental impact

If you’re looking at electric vehicles, environmental impact is probably high on your list of priorities. There are plenty of benefits of making the switch to electric. The positive impact on our environment is one of the biggest and best,...

Electric company car tax explained

April 2020 was a watershed moment for electric vehicles(EVs) as company cars. The UK government slashed electric company car tax, instantly making EVs much more attractive for businesses and employees. Here we take a look at what company...

Charging electric vehicles at work

More and more employers across the country are offering charging access in workplace car parks, which serve as the next most-likely place an electric vehicle(EV) will spend time parked after the home.


10 actions to convert fleets to EVs

Green number plates are set to be rolled out from autumn to help encourage drivers to make the switch to electric vehicles (EVs)*, but how easy is it for businesses to adopt EVs? DriveElectric, one of the UK’s leading electric vehicle...


Guide to choosing the right EVs for your company fleet

It’s now crystal clear that electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of motoring. In turn, that means that they’re the future for business transport too. Whether your company needs to move people or products, there’s never been a better time...


The business case for EVs

If you’re thinking of switching your company fleet to electric cars, the environmental impact is likely to be a key concern, as well as what it could mean for your bottom line. Both could have a positive effect on your business. Here we...

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