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About Electric Vehicle FlexiHire

Do you need flexible, fast access to electric vans?

If you don’t want to make a long term, multi-year commitment to electric vehicles, or if you are looking to rapidly increase the capacity of your EV fleet then our FlexiHire solution is for you.

Alternatively, you might be curious to see what the holistic benefits are in electric vans and want to trial them against your existing fleet vans, our Flexihire solution is perfect for that too.

With a minimum duration of just 3-months and a 767 miles per month mileage allowance, our FlexiHire vehicles are perfect for getting your organisation up and running with electric power in no time.

Short-term and hassle free access to electric vans

With easily extendable contracts, no early-termination fees and quick and easy set-up and delivery, our electric vans and cars provide practical and affordable, eco-friendly mobility solutions.

All you need to do is sort out the insurance and decide what you need the electric vans for!

Affordable FlexiHire electric vans


Make & Model (example)

1 to 3 months

Over 3 months

Small electric van

Nissan eNV200, Renault Kangoo, Peugeot e-Partner

£750* per month (28 days)

£595* per month (28 days)

Medium electric van

Peugeot e-Expert Long, Maxus e Deliver 3

£850* per month (28 days)

£695* per month (28 days)

*Mileage allowance of 767 miles per 28 days. 3 months minimum hire duration. 20p per excess mile applies. All FlexiHire rental prices are subject to VAT and are based upon you covering the vehicle on your own fully comprehensive insurance. Vehicles subject to availability. Full terms & conditions.

FlexiHire is perfect for...

Trying electric vans before you buy

Quickly increase your fleet capacity

Lower commitment vehicle solutions

Vans can be delivered with livery and accessories

Choose from a range of small, medium or large vans to fit your needs

New and refurbished electric van options

Reduce your organisation's carbon footprint

“Gnewt Cargo has been happy to work with DriveElectric over a number of years. The EV FlexiHire opportunities that DriveElectric has provided has proved to be an invaluable service offering to a business like ours with a passion and necessity for electric vehicles at it’s core. They are a market leader in this field and we fully endorse them as a result.”

Sam Clarke | Director, Gnewt Cargo

Enquire about FlexiHire

Get to know Flexihire EV rental

Is FlexiHire available for personal use?

FlexiHire rentals are for business users only.

What is included in the monthly rental?

Our FlexiHire monthly includes:

  • Basic rental of the electric vehicle
  • A mileage allowance of 767 miles per month (28 days)
  • Local taxes (including but not limited to Value Added Tax, Road Tax and surcharges)
  • London congestion charge exemption – travel in and out of London for free!
  • Special discounted rates for longer term contracts
  • Roadside assistance

What isn't included in the rental?

The monthly rental does not include:

  • Vehicle Insurance – the vehicle must be covered by your own Fully Comprehensive Motor Insurance policy
  • Additional miles – excess mileage fee of 20p per mile (ex. VAT) applies
  • Vehicle charging costs
  • Fines, penalties or toll charges etc that you may incur
  • Late return fees
  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)

Do you provide vehicle insurance?

No, we do not provide vehicle insurance or recommend any insurance products.

You must ensure that any FlexiHire vehicle is covered by your fully comprehensive insurance policy.

We will need to confirmation of this insurance cover before the delivery of the FlexiHire vehicle.

How old must the driver be?

Drivers of the vehicle need to be at least 23 years old and have over 2 years driving experience.

How will I charge the electric vehicle?

All our FlexiHire vehicles come with a regular type-2 charging cable, suitable for use on untethered home charge points. Alternatively, for tethered charging units the electric vehicle has the Type 2 and/or CCS charging port. Type 2/CCS is the most popular charging configuration in the UK.

Talk to our team of EV experts if you're unsure on how to charge an electric vehicle or if you require a 3-pin plug cable.

Where can I charge the electric vehicle?

You can charge the vehicle using the Type 2 cable provided in any regular home charge point.

Out and about, there are now over 19,000 electric vehicle charging points in the UK. We recommend using an app such as Zap-Map to plan and locate convenient public charging points.

How long does the vehicle take to charge?

It can take 12-15 hours to fully charge the electric vehicle's battery from flat, therefore charging overnight is ideal. Specific charging times vary depending on vehicle choice and the kind of charger you're using, speak to our team of EV experts to find out more. Using the rapid charger public network can add around 60% of charge in as little as 30 minutes.

What about fines and penalty charges?

You will be responsible for the costs of any parking fines or other penalties incurred while you rent the vehicle. We reserve the right to make reasonable charges for our time incurred and the administration costs involved in processing any fines and/or penalties.

Do I need to register for the London Congestion Charge?

No, we take care of that and ensure that our FlexiHire electric vehicles are all registered for the London Congestion Charge discount.

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