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Net Zero Solutions

It’s time to charge up. 

DriveElectric is on a mission to educate, empower and guide all UK drivers to put their foot on the accelerator towards a greener future for all. With a team of passionate experts and over 15 years of experience under our (seat)belts, we’re proud to have proven the incredible carbon-saving capabilities of EVs to thousands of UK drivers.

In fact, we’ve helped our customers save an incredible 21,372 tonnes of Co2 per year - all while enabling them to drive 109,560 zero-emission miles every single day. And this impact only continues to grow.

But when you look at the bigger picture, one that captures the world during an environmental crisis, switching to an EV is just the start. There is no Planet B. Reaching net zero is a journey that requires all of us to play an intentional role - whether you're a business, a fleet manager, or a driver ready to stop climate change in its tracks. That's why we're continuing to go above and beyond in supporting our customers to make smart decisions that put the planet first so that they can achieve their sustainability goals, fast.

Green landscape

If you’ve found yourself here because you want to take charge of your carbon footprint, congratulations! You’re already on track for greener days ahead. So let’s work together to make as much of a positive impact as we can. We look forward to you joining us in the EV revolution.

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Deeper dive into Net Zero

Everything you need to know about solar panels

Converting the sun's rays into electricity is one of the cleanest ways to generate power, we take a deep dive into the subject...

Clean Air Zones are here to stay

There are now several UK cities which have clean air zones and this is only set to increase as both National and Local Government look to reverse the trend of poor air quality in our major towns and cities. We take a closer look at what a Clean Air Zone actually is and where they currently exist.

A closer look into carbon offsets

An important part of tackling climate change or a convenient way for countries with money to buy their way out of their responsibilities? Carbon offsets are used across the globe so let's have a closer look at what they are.

North East commuting

Commuting and Net Zero

If transport accounts for roughly a third of our carbon emissions and commuting accounts for a fifth of all journeys then a huge amount of emissions are being generated to get people to and from work.

So what can be done to help lower commuting carbon emissions?

The 15-minute cities concept

A new Urban Planning concept known as '15-minute cities' is beginning to be implemented across the UK, with the objective of enabling everyone to be truly self-sufficient in their daily lives - without relying on high-carbon-emitting vehicles.

Let's find out more about how 15-minute cities will impact UK road users.

Carbon Capture and Storage

Industrial facilities and fossil fuel burning contribute to atmospheric emissions but innovative technologies like carbon capture and storage offer long-term environmental solutions by capturing and transporting CO2 underground.

So, how does carbon capture and storage work?

Planet Earth is warming up

The weight of evidence is overwhelming and a significant majority of scientists agree that human activity is causing our planet to warm.

United Kingdom warming stripes

This graph, part of the #ShowYourStripes movement, shows the change in temperature measured in the United Kingdom with the most recent year (2022) on the extreme right and getting further away from the present-day as you move left.

Reproduced with thanks to Professor Ed Hawkins, University of Reading. ShowYourStripes website.

Are you ready to turn it up to Zero?

Here at DriveElectric, our mission is simple: to inform, inspire and guide every driver across the UK to start their NetZero journey. We have now reached a crucial stage in tackling climate change. To do this, the nation needs to work together in reducing carbon emissions and U-turning towards a greener future for all. Our roads - or more specifically, the vehicles we’re driving - play a critical role in making that happen. We’re here to ensure the journey is as smooth and fast as possible.

DriveElectric is for every driver - be it a fleet, operational or individual. We believe that the more people who make that switch, the quicker we can make the world a more sustainable place, for all.