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EV Salary Sacrifice

Are you an employee of an existing DriveElectric EV salary sacrifice scheme company?

For more details about your specific scheme and how to browse and order your electric car, email for more.

DriveElectric is here to support you in turning your business into a driving force for positive change. With our hassle-free salary sacrifice for a car scheme, you can smash your sustainability goals - all while enabling your workforce to enjoy the endless benefits of electric vehicles. Full speed ahead.

EV Salary Sacrifice at a glance

The benefits of running an EV Salary Sacrifice scheme in your business are numerous, let's look at a few...

  • Save up to 40% on an electric vehicle - regardless of car brand! Choose from brand new or high quality second hand, the choice is yours.

  • Modular scheme to suit your business

  • Part of your carbon reduction strategy

  • An employee benefit that really helps to keep and attract top talent

  • Wrap the cost of a professionally installed home charger into the package

  • Additional perk options such as access to residential energy tariff + free energy miles (T&Cs apply)

Created specifically with business leaders like you in mind, the DriveElectric salary sacrifice scheme is an easy, flexible and affordable way of supercharging your company's environmental responsibility. But the benefits don’t stop there. We can help you achieve a more resilient workforce, make significant cost and carbon savings, and become the number one choice when it comes to attracting new talent.

So, are you ready to start your journey to Net Zero and learn about how you can make a truly green switch to EVs? Great. We’ve got the perfect salary sacrifice solution to set you up for optimum success.

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Keen to drive your new electric vehicle salary sacrifice forward? You’re at the right destination. Simply fill in our form and our friendly team of experts will be able to talk you through the next steps.

How does our EV car salary sacrifice scheme work?

Your business can get the show on the road in three easy steps:

Choose the DriveElectric scheme that fits your business

Have a chat with our experts who can sign you up to a tailor-made salary sacrifice scheme that is just right for you.

Your eligible employees choose an EV, via our secure portal

Your eligible employees take the driver's seat, sacrificing some of their gross salary to pay for the lease. They can even roll the cost of insurance and a home charger into the agreement for even more savings. We have the widest choice of EVs available and your team can choose from new and high quality second hand.

Manage orders and reporting in your dashboard

We’ll set the payroll up, enabling you and your employees to save on income tax. Everybody’s happy.

Pod Point home charger

Additional perks for your team

  • Professionally installed Pod Point home charger for as little as £14* per month. Theirs to keep at the end of the contract
  • Pod Point exclusive residential EV tariff with EDF**, with an overnight rate of 8p per kWh. Save 75% compared to a standard tariff
  • 5,000 free energy miles - sign up for a residential EDF energy tariff and get a credit worth 5,000 EV miles^

It’s no surprise that the number of UK businesses taking advantage of the EV salary sacrifice scheme is growing by the day. At DriveElectric, we prefer to call it an employee benefits scheme. Driving a brand-new electric car brings countless positives - for both your people and for the planet. When you think about it, the actual sacrifice to be made is pretty small.

MG4 EV on the road

MG4 electric car

BMW ix3

BMW iX3 electric car

Benefits for employers

As a business leader, you not only want the best for your company and your workers now - but you also want to make greener changes to drive long term success. As pioneers in the electric vehicle industry, we strive to deliver exactly that. You can join thousands of trusted DriveElectric customers across the UK in taking your first steps towards Net Zero thanks to our highly-rated salary sacrifice car scheme.

  • Reduce CO2 emissions and become a green employer - In the race to Net Zero, every business needs to reassess its carbon footprint in order to make that crucial change. Opting for an electric car salary sacrifice scheme is a simple and accessible way to help get you there, fast.

  • Become the new talent ideal - A positive work culture with great perks are the green flag new talent is on the lookout for. When you give employees what they really want, they’ll not only be more likely to join your team - but also maintain their positions for much longer.

  • Make significant tax and insurance savings - Thanks to the Benefit-in-Kind rates, your employees can enjoy up to 30-60% savings on a new EV. What’s more, deploying an electric vehicle salary sacrifice scheme throughout your company means you can have total reassurance that the rates won’t rise above 5% for the next five years.

  • Enable workers to maximise their salary - Our salary sacrifice car scheme enables you to take care of your workers efficiently, helping them to boost their budget all while giving them the opportunity to drive a brand new EV.

  • Fuss-free admin and management - We like to keep things simple here at DriveElectric. With our EV hub, you can manage all your EV salary sacrifice leases in one online portal - so you can spend less time making sense of spreadsheets and more time achieving your goals.

  • Unique, tailor-made solutions - Every company is different, so your salary sacrifice scheme should reflect that. Our personable approach to consulting means our experts will take into account your individual needs, resulting in a seamless solution that’s perfect for you.

  • Help with HR, policy and tax - Our friendly team of highly-skilled advisors are always at hand to offer help with any questions you may have about HR, policy or tax. Consider it covered.

  • Support from the original electric vehicle specialists - The DriveElectric service goes way beyond the initial consultations and legal advice. The road to Net Zero is a journey, and the final rollout is just the beginning. We’re with you for the long haul - ensuring your EV experience is as smooth and effective as possible.

  • Home, public and workplace charging expertise - Worried about charging logistics, or unsure of how to implement a truly green charging system? As industry-leading experts with over 15 years of experience, you can trust we’ll be able to advise on all your charging queries for maximum cost and carbon savings.

Driver-centric approach

Here at DriveElectric, our number one priority is to ensure your company’s electric car sacrifice scheme rolls out as successfully as possible. Many of our customers have come to us with a similar experience, where once the initial ‘buzz’ of a scheme has passed, their employees soon lose momentum and forget about the advantages available. Not with us.

We understand the crucial need to inform, inspire and promote EV driving and its benefits long after the scheme launch. That’s where our driver-centric approach comes in.

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EV Salary Sacrifice FAQ

Simply put, the electric car salary sacrifice is a scheme that employers can implement within their company. It allows employees to sacrifice some of their salary to pay for the lease of a brand-new electric vehicle. We like to think of it more as a benefits scheme than a sacrifice - as both the employer and employees have so much to gain.

The process couldn’t be simpler. Employers just need to sign up to the scheme, and then eligible employees can choose an electric car to lease - with absolutely no upfront cost. They can then expect big tax and national insurance savings to be made. It’s a no brainer.

Thanks to the extremely low Benefit-in-Kind tax rates set by the UK Government, employees can be rest assured they won’t surpass 5% until at least 2028. This makes all EVs extremely attractive compared to petrol and diesel vehicles which attract a significantly high benefit-in-kind tax rate. Savings vary depending on the choice of EV and the income tax bracket of the employee but savings can be in the 20% to 60% range.

Absolutely! The benefits of a salary sacrifice car scheme are extensive - all of which apply to you (the employer), your employees and of course, the environment. It’s a scheme created specifically to put our people and planet first. If you want to find out more about how it can help your business thrive, our friendly team can happily advise you on the next steps.

We’d struggle to tell you of any disadvantages as such, but we do know it’s a concern for employers if the scheme doesn’t quite take off as they’d hoped. But don’t worry - we have a Driver-Centric approach that ensures employees feel truly inspired to try an electric car. Trust us, once the EV switch is made, they won’t want to go back.

Important information

* Pod Point home charger plus installation from £14 per month is based on 40% tax payer (after sacrifice), 36-month agreement.

** Available EDF EV energy tariff for residential customers when purchasing an eligible Pod Point home charger.

^ Free energy miles offer only available when taking a salary sacrifice lease from DriveElectric and being an EDF residential customer (existing and new)