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Peugeot E-Expert electric lease

We currently do not have any deals available for the Peugeot E-Expert. To discuss alternative EVs call us on: 01628 899727. Monday to Friday 08:30am to 5:30pm.

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About the Peugeot E-Expert electric van

More information about our Peugeot e-Expert lease deals

The Peugeot e-Expert is an electric LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle) offering an all-electric drive and is now available to lease from DriveElectric. It is a 100% electric version of the popular Peugeot Expert Van, making it an ideal choice for businesses that are looking to enhance their last-mile delivery capabilities as well as ensure their green credentials. This zero tailpipe emissions van has a 75kWh battery, which provides around 171 miles of ‘real-world’ range per charge.

The Peugeot e-Expert remains faithful to the brand’s ‘The Power of Choice’ concept, promising the extra efficiency of an electric drive, while retaining the same load space volumes of the diesel versions. DriveElectric has Peugeot electric van lease available across multiple trim levels and three body sizes, you can choose an electric van that caters to the needs of your business and your fleet requirements.

Flexible, short-term Peugeot E-Expert electric vans

If you need a Peugeot E-Expert fast or want a more flexible solution than a multi-year business contract hire contract then our FlexiHire solution could be ideal. Available electric vans with built-in mileage allowance, designed to flex with your business

Find out more about FlexiHire Peugeot E-Experts

Charging the Peugeot E-Expert electric van


Battery size

Usable battery size

Real world range

WLTP range

Peugeot E-Expert Compact

50 kWh

45 kWh

110 miles

150 miles

Peugeot E-Expert Standard

75 kWh

68 kWh

170 miles

205 miles

Peugeot E-Expert Long

75 kWh

68 kWh

165 miles

205 miles

Should I lease a Peugeot E-Expert electric van?

Zero emissions

As an electric LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle), the Peugeot e-Expert offers an all-electric drive with zero emissions. And powered by a 75kWh battery, has been given an official driving range of up to 211 miles (WLTP).

Meeting your business needs

When you lease the Peugeot E-Expert electric van you can enjoy a payload of up to 1,226 kgs (only 130 kgs less than a diesel Expert) for the standard length and up to 1,002kg for the longer version. The E-Expert also has a load length of up to 2862 mm with a 6.3m interior capacity, depending on the model. It is also able to pull a trailer of up to 1.0-tonne capacity.

Great savings to be made for businesses

As well as being cheaper to run and a greener choice, with zero emissions, an electric van is also great for your bottom line if your drivers are frequently driving across London. The e-Expert electric van is exempt from the London Congestion Charge, as well as, London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone Charge. This results in additional costs savings as well as the standard fuel savings enjoyed by all EV drivers.

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