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Volkswagen e-Up lease

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About the Volkswagen E-Up electric car

Volkswagen’s e-up! electric car looks just like the regular up!, though it does have a couple of electric-only accents that serve to differentiate the pure electric model from it’s ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) counterpart. The e-up! all-electric hatchback is an excellent run-around choice and ideal for those with a smaller commute, it seats 4 people with the option for 2 ISOFIX child seats in the rear.

How do you charge the Volkswagen E-Up?

Charging this electric car is simple, e-up! charges using either a Type 2 or CCS connector, depending on what kind of charger you are using. Type 2 and CCS charging connectors are standard for European cars. When using a standard 7kW wall box charger you can expect a full charge to take around 5 hours 30 mins.

If you're out and about chargers are also available in public settings, if you need to top-up quickly you can make the most of the e-up!’s 40kW charging speed and plug into a rapid charger. You can find public rapid chargers at service stations and various other outlets (hotels, leisure centres etc.), charging your e-up!’s battery from 0 – 80% in this setting will take just 45 minutes. 


Battery size

Usable battery size

Real world range

WLTP range

Volkswagen E-UP

36.8 kWh

32.3 kWh

125 miles

160 miles

Volkswagen E-Up features

Top spec as standard

The VW e-up lease is available in just one trim level and has a wide range of features as standard; including alloy wheels, lane assist, extra airbags and lots of driver assistance options. This EV is available in a range of vibrant colours and has those distinctive blue accents exclusive to the electric model. There’s also plenty of options to personalise and add extras to the vehicle if you require. 

If you like the sound of the Volkswagen e-up! lease option, why not try out our online quote tool and find the perfect Volkswagen e-up! lease deal for you - or if you have any questions get in touch and speak to one of our expert sales team today.

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