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All electric cars from BMW

One of the earliest proponent for electric vehicles, BMW has become launching new all electric models more in keeping with its reputation. Sure the BMW i3 for many years has been seen as at the vanguard of EVs, thanks to not only running on electric but also as a case study on how a major carmaker manufacturers vehicles in a more sustainable and environmentally friendlier way. But the i3 didn't look like other BMWs and didn't replicate or improve upon the famed saloons and SUVs that has seen BMW become more of the most popular marquees in Europe.

Welcome then to BMW i 2.0, which sees the carmaker launch highly competitive versions of its core staple of models, first up are a couple of exceptional SUVs, including the incredible iX, as well as a phenomenal all electric 4 Series Gran Coupe, known as the i4.

So if it is BMW car leasing you're looking for, you've come to the right place.

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