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DriveElectric Plus

Do you know if you're reducing your EV fleet carbon emissions?

Benchmarking, reporting, and reducing your growing number of electric vehicles' carbon emissions is a key component of successfully delivering on a Net Zero strategy. DriveElectric Plus does it all.

  • Evidence-based savings - Reduce your EV fleet's carbon emissions by as much as 40%. Benchmark and report your progress to stakeholders.

  • EV Charging management - Save valuable time via our driver app, built to simplify your driver's charging needs.

  • Hassle-free expensing - Use our realistic cost of journey measurement for seamless reimbursements on business expenses. You can also compare HMRC rates with a fair value estimate calculation.

  • Expert support - Easily get in touch with our driver experience team and browse handy resources from our knowledge base, all from the app.

  • Easy-to-use decision maker dashboard - Super-simple dashboard for you to see the whole of your EV fleet and all charging activity. Quickly see and understand charging costs and carbon emissions, one vehicle at a time or see the complete picture.

  • Funder access for your fleet needs - when it comes to adding more EVs to your fleet, we've got the widest range of new and used EVs as well as access to trusted funders.

  • Flexibility as standard - we've helped UK businesses for nearly 30 years so we know you need your suppliers to be flexible. We can provide EVs for one-month and up to 8 years. Our team are experts in working with you to find the right EV for the job.

Advanced digital tools to maximise your EV fleet's potential

We've got a simple, yet powerful, set of digital tools to help transition more of your vehicles over to electric-power and then optimise your fleet's efficiency.

Our DriveElectric Plus solution acts as a super-smart charging solution - so it charges when the cost of electricity is cheapest. But what sets our solution apart is the carbon saving which is also made - which can be up to 40% lower.

With AI-powered charging and our DriveElectric app, it empowers your drivers to easily manage their vehicle's charging needs, providing you with all the detail you need to run your EV fleet in your simple-to-use dashboard.

DriveElectric Plus AI-powered charging compared to other charging options

Carbon saving and low cost

With DriveElectric Plus enabled you can expect your charging carbon emissions to fall by up to 40%.

This is because our technology not only charges when the electricity is cheaper but it also hunts for when the carbon density on the grid is lowest.

This means you get all the benefits of lower-cost smart charging with the added benefit of much lower carbon emissions.

Our super-useful Driver App

The DriveElectric App provides your drivers with a set of tools to help them make better EV charging decisions.

  • Quickly set and record journeys
  • Manage mileage & expenses, plus download your journeys
  • Set a charging schedule

The driver app and decision-maker dashboard provide a complete picture of EV fleet charging performance - helping you to optimise your fleet's efficiency and drive down costs and emissions.

Drivers set minimum daily charge requirements and diarise specific one-off journey events to ensure they have the right amount of charge at the right time, safe in the knowledge that their EV will be charged with the cheapest, greenest energy according to their energy tariff.  There is always an override facility, for those times when the driver just needs immediate top-up.

Want to know how DriveElectric Plus can work for your business?

Contact our friendly team today to see how controlling and measuring your journey to Net Zero is made simple.

Track and inform with your smart dashboard

Keeping track of your in-life EV fleet activity is key for ensuring the rollout is running as smoothly as it should be. Not just that, but it’s also extremely important for you to be able to monitor your progress so that you can adjust where needed for optimum peace of mind.

From your carbon assets and how ‘green’ your business truly is, to gaining a full view on your cost base - think of our dashboard as that one-stop destination for all your EV fleet needs.

As pioneers in the EV industry, we appreciate that managing multiple EVs can feel like a time-consuming task for already tied-up business leaders. Perhaps it’s even the one thing stopping you from taking your first steps towards reaching Net Zero.

Sure, admin is an unavoidable task to tackle. But with DriveElectric Plus, we can help you make it as hassle-free as possible - so you can crack on with the things that enable business growth.