Leasing is the affordable way to drive the car you really want.
From just £199 a month and with zero emissions, electric cars don’t cost the earth.
Did you know the average driver will drive a distance of 26 miles a day?
The average electric car can drive 100 miles on a single charge.
The UK network of public charge-points is growing fast...
but 90% of EV users simply plug-in and charge at home overnight.
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About Electric Vehicles

Electric cars have a silent motor so you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of a smooth electric drive…

About Charging

No more trips to the petrol station – simply plug in and charge at home, or at a convenient location while you’re out and about.

Got a question?

Want to know why the sound quality of music is better in an electric car? Or how smoothly it drives compared to a conventional car? Ask an EV expert!

Is an electric car the right choice for me ?

If you drive less than 100 miles a day and have off-street parking, the answer is yes.

We understand that the transition to zero emissions will take longer for some than others. Where electric vehicles are not currently a viable option for you, we provide complete motoring solutions for ALL petrol, diesel and hybrid models. Our focus is to help clients to reduce their carbon footprint, in turn reducing their motoring costs.

Electric cars offer a number of benefits

High fuel economy, low operating cost

Electric cars are highly efficient, and they generally have much lower operating costs than those of conventional vehicles.

Flexible fuelling

Electric cars offer fuelling options not typically available to conventional vehicles, including charging at home, work, public charging stations, or a combination of these sites.

High performance

Today’s electric cars are state-of-the-art vehicles ready to match or surpass the performance of their conventional counterparts.

Low emissions

Compared with conventional vehicles, electric cars typically produce lower levels of air pollutants and greenhouse gases, even when taking into account the emissions associated with electricity production.

Leasing, instead of purchasing outright, offers a more affordable option so you can drive the car you really want.

Choice & flexibility

DriveElectric are the UK’s leading provider of leased Electric Vehicles and offer finance options for all makes and model, from all manufacturers.

Our name has changed to DriveElectric, but rest assured that meeting your fleet requirements with the best-value solutions remains our priority.

Whether you knew us better as Fleetdrive or Fleetdrive Electric, you’ll know that what drives us is our 100% commitment to service. As DriveElectric we will continue to put our customers first, listen and understand your needs, and deliver solutions that are right for you.

With our expert knowledge on ultra-low emission vehicles, we are the helping hand that can guide you on your journey to zero emission transport and beyond.

Drive Electric in 5 easy steps...


Step 1: Decide your monthly budget


Step 2: Choose the electric car that suits you


Step 3: Agree contract terms and pay initial deposit (usually 3 payments)


Step 4: Let us know when is convenient for your home charging unit to be fitted (if required – you can just use a regular 3-pin plug socket)


Step 5: Take delivery of your brand new electric car (comes complete with all necessary charging cables) and enjoy driving!

Let your journey to electric motoring begin – Take a look at the range of vehicles now available…


More than 67,000 plug-in vehicles are being driven in the UK. Get in touch with the electric vehicle community to share stories, tips and advice...


Take a look at the latest leasing offers available on some of the most exciting electric cars on the market...


It's fun to drive electric! Hear about some real-life experiences from people who love driving their electric cars...

Doing our bit for the planet

The accumulation of key greenhouse gases (most importantly CO2 and methane) in the atmosphere due to human activities is contributing to climate change. Unless action is taken to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, the whole pattern of the world’s weather could change, increasing the frequency and intensity of heatwaves, floods, droughts and storms.

The Climate Change Act (2008) requires the UK Government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 34% by 2020 and 80% by 2050 from 1990 levels in the UK.

In 2013, domestic and international transport accounted for 26% of all UK greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, the most significant greenhouse gas savings are likely to come from improving the fuel efficiency of conventional vehicles and increased use of sustainable biofuels.


  • "I have been driving a Nissan Leaf supplied by DriveElectric for over three years. The car is fantastic, is well engineered and a pleasure to drive. It feels very futuristic and clean and conventional internal combustion cars now seem primitive in comparison, so I will never buy another. I love the way the Leaf's satnav helps me to find charging points and have used it to travel quite significant distances without any problems."

    Dan Grierson Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • "It's not just a great EV, it's a great car. It's quiet, it's comfortable, and it's spacious. It's safe. The driving experience is fantastic."

    Tesla Model S driver Buckinghamshire
  • "My BMW i3 is the only car I have ever owned that gives me a grin every time I drive it.  Cannot fault the service from DriveElectric, this is my second EV supplied by them and I'll be back for my third next year."

    Darren BMW i3 owner
  • "Vicky at DriveElectric was a great help through the leasing process, including helping to organise test drives, putting us in touch with the right people and answering all our questions. As this was for our first electric car it was a great experience to feel relaxed heading into somewhat unknown territory."

    T Gray