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Think Ford commercial vehicle, think Transit and for many people, think van, think Transit. The blue oval brand has been synonymous with UK commercial vehicles ever since the first Transits rolled off the production line in 1965.

Ford electric van lease deals

Ford produces one of the best in class ranges of hard-working and dependable light commercial vehicle ranges in the UK but (and it is a big but) there are currently no all-electric Ford vans available.

However, this will change in 2022 when the Ford e-Transit (finally) arrives - promising a vehicle range of almost 200 miles on a charge and a max load space of over 15 cu.m.

Why has it taken Ford so long to produce an electric van?

The simple answer is that compared to other manufacturers Ford hasn't geared up to producing any electric vehicles particularly fast. Their electric car range currently features a single performance SUV option, the Mustang Mach-e, so it is no real surprise that Ford is lagging behind the likes off Vauxhall, Peugeot and Nissan in offering UK customers an all electric van.

That being said, here at DriveElectric we're incredibly excited by the launch of the Ford e-Transit. And we know you will be too.

All electric vans from Ford

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