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Vauxhall Vivaro e-Life lease

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About the Vauxhall Vivaro e-Life

Dubbed by Vauxhall as a ‘lounge on wheels’, the Vivaro e-Life is designed to take as many passengers as possible, in as much comfort as possible. Offered in configurations that accommodate up to a 9-seat capacity, the Vivaro e-Life is unrivalled in terms of passenger capacity.

Thanks to its all-electric powertrain, the MPV provides a quiet ride no matter the speed. Supple suspension offers a luxurious ride. Regenerative braking takes the drama and fuss out of driving – lifting off the accelerator converts kinetic energy from braking into range-extending electricity. This effect can even result in complete one-pedal operation of the vehicle.

If hauling lots of passengers in comfort is atop the priority list, there’s few better options than the Vauxhall Vivaro e-Life. Zero tailpipe emissions. Zero congestion charge. No queueing for exorbitant fuel.

Charging the Vauxhall Vivaro e-Life

The Vivaro e-Life is fitted with a 50kWh battery.

This grants the Vauxhall an official WLTP range of 143 miles, however at DriveElectric we provide a ‘real world’ range for all vehicles, too. As such, we’d recommend a more realistic range of 110 miles from a single charge.

Recharging the Vivaro e-Life couldn’t be easier. Fitted with European standard connectors Type 2 and CCS, a full recharge from a domestic 7.4kW wall-box takes only 7 hours 15 minutes. Utilise a 100kW+ rapid charge out on the road, and a 10-80% refill takes only 26 minutes.  

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