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Citroen lease

French brand Citroen has a range of all electric vans to choose from, catering for a wide range of use-cases. Let's meet them.

All electric vans from Citroen

Light commercial vehicle credentials

Citroen has long been a popular manufacturer of vans, with a rich history stretching back to the 1930s but it was after the Second World War and the launch of the legendary Type H where the brand really found its commercial vehicle feet. More iconic models over the decades including the boxy and chic 2CV mini-van.

Fast forward to today and Citroen has three all-electric van models available in the UK, these are the small e-Berlingo, mid-sized e-Dispatch and the e-Relay completing the fleet.

Chic van history

They might not be electric but they're still very cool. Ripe for an electric conversion!

Citroen Type H1
Citroen 2CV mini-van

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