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Fully Charged Live Competition Terms

Tesla Model Y competition terms & conditions

Competition entry conditions

  • The competition prize of a Tesla Model Y one-month lease is subject to terms and conditions, full terms and conditions are available on request
  • In total there are three prizes, one winner each day of the Fully Charged Live show will a one-month lease of a Tesla Model Y
  • You must be over 25 to enter this competition
  • Entries can only be made at the at Fully Charged Live 2022
  • A winner will be drawn at random at the end of each day of Fully Charged Live and announced on stage
  • There is no cash alternative to this prize
  • Prize fulfilment is subject to winner being eligible for comprehensive vehicle insurance
  • The validation and subsequent fulfilment of this offer is at the discretion of Fleetdrive Management Limited t/a DriveElectric – the provider’s decision is final.
  • This offer is subject to all terms and conditions that apply to any leasing product provided by Fleetdrive Management Limited t/a DriveElectric. These terms and conditions can be found here:

Terms and Conditions

We, Fleetdrive Management Limited trading as DriveElectric, agree to loan the Vehicle to you for the fixed period shown under “Financial Information” (which we will refer to as the “loan Period”), on the terms set out in this agreement.


“Vehicle” and “goods” means the vehicle described under “Financial Information” and includes the registration mark, all keys, all accessories whenever fixed to the Vehicle, all replacement parts of the Vehicle, all additions to the Vehicle, and any replacement vehicle.

  1. Vehicle licensing and registration mark
  • We will pay the annual vehicle excise licence fees for the Vehicle during the Hiring Period.
  • We will keep the Vehicle’s Registration Certificate (V5C).
  1. The Vehicle

(a)        Minimum age restrictions apply of 25 years with full UK driving licence.

  • You must accept delivery of the Vehicle at location as may be determined by you. If the Vehicle is defective on delivery, you should tell us as soon as possible after you become aware of the defect.
  • Where reasonably possible, we will transfer to you the benefit of any applicable warranties or guarantees relating to the Vehicle which are provided to us as owner of the Vehicle.
  • If you are dealing as a consumer in entering into this agreement: nothing in this agreement affects your statutory rights relating to title or faulty or misdescribed goods or services, and any warranties or guarantees relating to the Vehicle which we transfer to you will be in addition to your statutory rights.
  1. Your Care of the Vehicle

During this agreement (from when you receive the Vehicle until we receive it back at the end of this agreement) you must:

  • keep the Vehicle in good repair and condition and have it serviced, maintained and repaired in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and any manufacturer warranty (including any requirement to have a interim running-in service). You must have the Vehicle serviced and repaired by one of the Vehicle manufacturer’s franchised dealers or authorised repairers or, if repair work is covered by your Vehicle insurance, by a repairer authorised by your insurer. You must keep a full service and repair history, which you must supply to us if we ask you. Please see Clause 5 for details of the maintenance work which we will pay for (this does not affect your rights if we supply a defective vehicle);
  • ensure that you do not do anything to invalidate the vehicle excise licence;
  • keep the Vehicle in your possession and under your control and not sell or dispose of it or attempt to do so or allow someone other than you to become registered at the DVLA as the Vehicle’s registered keeper;
  • tell us as soon as reasonably practicable if the Vehicle suffers any accident damage, is written off or stolen or if the registration mark of the Vehicle is changed;
  • not use the Vehicle as security for a loan or allow anyone to have any other rights over it and tell us as soon as possible if anyone tries to seize or claim it;
  • not use or permit the Vehicle to be used for hire, professional driving instruction or other financial reward, or for motor sports;
  • not alter the Vehicle in any way without first obtaining our prior written consent, and if we consent you must restore the Vehicle to its original condition (at your cost) before returning the Vehicle to us;
  • not allow the Vehicle to be taken outside the UK,

(i)         check the Vehicle’s tyres regularly to make sure they comply with the current legal requirements and the tyre pressures conform with the levels shown in the manufacturer’s handbook; and

(j)         check regularly between regular servicing the levels of oil lubricants and anti-freeze and replenish at your cost.

  1. Insurance of the Vehicle

During this agreement (from when you receive the Vehicle until we receive it back at the end of this agreement):

  • you will be responsible for any loss or damage to the Vehicle, even if this happens without your fault unless caused as a result of our negligence or our breach of this agreement;
  • you must pay for and maintain comprehensive insurance cover for the Vehicle’s full value against all insurable risks (including fire, theft, damage, loss in transit, seizure and the cost of repatriation if the Vehicle is taken outside the UK). You must inform the insurer of our interest in the Vehicle. You must produce the policy to us if we request this;
  • you must ensure the Vehicle is used within the terms of the insurance policy. You must be covered by the policy to drive the Vehicle. You must inform us immediately if you become disqualified from driving or for any other reason become no longer insured under the policy to drive the Vehicle
  1. Maintenance

Subject to the conditions and exclusions below in this Maintenance Clause, we will pay the relevant dealer or repairer for carrying out the following work in the UK:

  • each regular service of the Vehicle, as recommended by the manufacturer, and maintenance and repair work which is required, as a result of fair wear and tear to the Vehicle, to keep the Vehicle in good repair and condition.

Conditions and exclusions:

  • You must have the Vehicle serviced and repaired by one of the Vehicle manufacturer’s franchised dealers or authorised repairers or, if repair work is covered by your Vehicle insurance, by a repairer authorised by your insurer, and you must deliver the Vehicle at your expense for all work. You must ask us for authority for the work to be done before it starts (we won’t unreasonably refuse). We will pay for maintenance and repair work only when it is necessary as a result of fair wear and tear to the Vehicle. We will not pay for any work which arises, whether directly or indirectly, as a result of any of the following excluded causes: (i) accident or impact damage;

Glass: We will not pay to repair or replace any damage to the glass (including the windscreen) on or in the   Vehicle.

  • Tyres: We will pay for:
  1. Return of the Vehicle
  • When this loan agreement ends, you will no longer have any right to keep the Vehicle and you must return it to us by making it available for us or our recovery agent to inspect and collect from you on the end date. On collection, we or our agent will make a written report of any damage, excess mileage and missing items or documents.
  • If you fail to return the Vehicle to us in accordance with Clause 6(a) above, we will be entitled to repossess it. If you fail to make the Vehicle available for us to collect, we may charge you the costs we reasonably incur.
  • You must return the Vehicle in good repair and condition (allowing for fair wear and tear) and you must return with the Vehicle all documents relating to the Vehicle, including the service record and vehicle manual.
  • If the Vehicle is not in good repair and condition when we recover it, allowing for fair wear and tear (which we will assess in accordance with recognised industry standards), you must pay us our reasonable estimate of the resulting reduction in the Vehicle’s value.