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Kia Soul EV review

Good morning, welcome to DriveElectric on this beautiful morning in November.  My name is Henry and I’m here to show you around the new Kia Soul EV.

So this is the 2017/2018 30 Kilowatt hour model. It will do a hundred twenty miles realistically on a single charge, which may drop down to around 100 in the depths of winter. As you can see this is the model in pearl white which comes with the blue trim and roof, we also have titanium silver or gray in stock. It’s the last eight that we have right now, so come and get them while they’re hot, starting from £208 a month.

At the front you can see that you’ve got parking sensors, which of course you have on the back as well. If you want to follow me around I’ll show you the inside. So this car takes a type-1 charger, it’s still being subsidised by the Government for both business and home charging and also takes a CHAdeMO fast charger if you’re charging at public services.

Now we’ll look at the inside. You’ve got a nice high seating position, easy to get in and out of. You’ve got your multi-function leather steering wheel with controls for both Bluetooth and cruise control on there as well to maximise your range. Regenerative braking on the gear stick and with all electric cars it’s fully automatic, but you also have the ‘B’ there at the bottom for enhanced regenerative braking mode.

Electric parking brake, heated front seats to warm you bum up in the winter because it’s a lot easier on the battery than warming up the whole car. You’ve got your touchscreen sat-nav there as well, which has inbuilt charging technology to take you to your local charging points.

Have a look in the back, you can see the seating position is continued with plenty of headroom and ISOFIX points. Parking camera on the back, so you don’t ding your new car and a flat loading bay as well, easy for sliding your shopping in and out.

Not the largest boot in the world but the car is not that big either and you’ve got all your charging cables in there that the car comes equipped with. So that’s the new Kia Soul EV, the last of the stock before they switch over to the 2019 model which is anticipated for autumn next year.

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