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Vauxhall & JustPark to Offer Revolutionary Charging Solution

With Vauxhall’s pledge to offer an electric only line-up by 2028, their investment to increase the ease of EV adoption is not only of benefit to the planet – but makes good business sense too. The stats speak for themselves. Currently, 40% of UK households are unable to install an at-home charging solution due to lack of off-street parking. This percentage will slightly decrease as new homes are built, as many are being installed with home-chargers as standard. But demand for charging solutions is likely to outstrip supply.

However, Vauxhall and JustPark might have the answer…

JustCharge Community Charging

The partnership’s solution is simple. Those with EV charging points installed at home, rent their charger and space out to people who do not. With home chargers estimated to be unused 90% of the time, the proposition of utilising them for those without seems like a great step. Vauxhall and JustPark claim that if just 5% of home charger owners signed up to the scheme, it’d double the UK’s publicly-available charging network.

Those with an EV charging point will simply sign up to an ‘intuitive App’ – yet to be announced – which allows them to set their own price and create availability slots. Drivers who need to charge up their EV can then do so via the JustPark app. They’ll simply search for the nearest charger, check prices and availability, then book the spot for as long as they need. To make it as seamless as possible, customers can even pay via the app and activate the charger. It’s useful to note that payment is set to be taken once the charge has finished. Presumably to protect drivers from prepaying and the homeowner flicking the breaker on their charging station as a customer pulls in.

JustPark are even integrating a review system. This allows users of the service to let fellow EV drivers know how easy it was to access, the use of the charger and most importantly: fairness of price.

There’s benefits for all parties involved. Charging for charging reduces the whole-life cost of the homeowner’s EV, with the income from renting the spot acting as a subsidy. It’ll reduce pressure on the current charging infrastructure, with private homes offering power and space. Predominantly though, EV drivers will have the freedom to explore more remote locations. Instead of having to rely on vast charging networks, the people will have the power. Allowing users to stop off at private residences across the UK to recharge and keep moving.

This community feeling is one that Vauxhall is spearheading. The company has stated it will be encouraging all Vauxhall drivers to become part of the new community network and share their charge points.

FleetCharge – for businesses too!

The most exciting news however, is the inclusion of FleetCharge – a charging solution for businesses. FleetCharge is a more traditional approach to EV charging. With the partnership in mind, it’s likely to be bundled as an offer when purchasing a set amount of Vauxhall’s electric vans.

For a monthly fee, JustPark will source and install a charging point at a driver’s property, as well as supply the electricity. This will be an attractive offering for fleet operators, allowing the consolidation of charging solutions and fees under one contract.

As electric vehicles become the prevalent form of transport, those who aren’t able to charge at home will need to rely on alternative charging solutions to keep powered up.