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Citroen e-C4 lease

Citroen e-C4

Choose your e-C4 car lease

SUVRange 165 miles

Citroen e-C4 100kW Shine Plus 50kWh 5dr Auto

  • £4,482 Initial rental (inc. VAT)
  • 48 Month term
  • 5000 Annual mileage
  • Subject to status and conditions + arrangement fee
  • £3,735 Initial rental (ex. VAT)
  • 48 Month term
  • 5000 Annual mileage
  • Subject to status and conditions + arrangement fee
£498 Personal contract hire per month (inc. VAT)
£415 Business contract hire per month (ex. VAT)
Citroen e-C4 side

About the Citroen e-C4 lease deals

The Citroen e-C4 ushers the French automaker into a new era of electrification. An all-electric, five-seat, five-door family crossover with unique exterior styling that actually gives the e-C4 a lot of character.

Handling wise, the e-C4 demands little to provide easy steering and feedback from the road. Thanks to a low centre of gravity and relatively light kerb-weight of only 1.5 tonnes, it has good road manners and is nippy around town.

Overall, the e-C4 is designed to make motoring easy and comfortable for the whole family. Ride quality is excellent, granting every passenger a smooth journey from beginning to end, only stumbling on the poorest of road surfaces. It's the perfect family car for the eco-conscious.

Charging the Citroen e-C4

The Citroen e-C4 is offered with one battery option: a 50kWh power pack.

This 50kWh battery grants an official WLTP range of 217 from a single charge. At DriveElectric, we carry out our own range testing to gather a more realistic figure of what customers can expect to get from an EV. Through our test, we'd recommend a more realistic 'real world' range of 160 miles per charge. And as with all electric cars the range of a vehicle depends on a number of factors - the biggest two being the outside temperature and the speed of the vehicle.

Utilising the European standard connectors of Type 2 and CCS means the Citroen e-C4 will be able to charge pretty much anywhere.

Using a standard 7kW wall box charger at home, a full charge will take around 7 hours 30 minutes. If charging overnight, most energy providers offer cheaper rates at off-peak times, reducing the cost to charge substantially.

If out on the open road, then using a public charger is just as easy, but takes a lot less time. Using a 100kW rapid charger will get the e-C4 from a flat battery to 80% full in just 30 minutes.

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