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Morris Commercial JE van charges into the future with an electric powertrain

The Morris Commercial JE van is based on a design from the 1950s but with one key difference – this one’s electric.

The JE van has a one-tonne payload, a 6.5 cubic metre carrying capacity, and a 2.5-tonne GVW, providing space for two standard Euro pallets and items up to 2.4 metres in length.

Morris Commercial JE Van

The JE van has a driving range of 250 miles. An 80% charge can be achieved in as little as 20 minutes, and it’s even ‘vehicle-to-grid ready’. The Morris JE is ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) and CAZ (Clean Air Zone) exempt.

Aside from the electric powertrain, the JE van features a range of other new technology, for example, there’s an ultra-light recycled carbon fiber monocoque body and a lightweight aluminum chassis, both of which help the vehicle to achieve its payload and range. Most components are both recycled and recyclable and the van is due to be carbon-neutral over its entire lifecycle.

The JE van even comes with one of the latest infotainment systems with a high-resolution screen displaying images from multiple cameras.

A fully roadworthy Morris JE prototype has already traveled across UK and Ireland and has appeared in several TV programs such as the BBC Travel Show.

Morris Commercial JE Van

The original J-Type was launched at the Commercial Motor Show at Earls Court in 1948 and was renowned for its large load area to footprint ratio.

 Completion of a significant funding round will now accelerate the final engineering, certification, and production of the Morris JE van, which has been completely engineered in Britain. The company’s production facilities will be based in the Midlands, not far from the original Oxford heartland of the van’s spiritual predecessor.

Deliveries of the Morris Commercial JE van are expected to start in early 2024, with pick-up and minibus derivatives due to follow soon after.

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