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Why switch from diesel to electric power?

There are a whole host of reasons why switching from a diesel to an electric light commercial vehicle makes lots of good sense.

It isn't just about the environment, although driving an EV certainly helps, there are lots of other positive reasons why you should ditch the diesel and join the electric revolution.

Easier to drive

Electric vans (and cars) are much easier and simpler to drive, particularly in heavy, stop-start traffic, you'll find an electric van is a bit having all the best bits of driving an automatic gearbox vehicle but without the lag and unresponsiveness old auto gearboxes had a reputation for.

Reduced fuel costs

Electricity isn't free and in 2022 the energy market has seen the price for electricity shoot up but the price of diesel has also seen eye-watering increases. Switching to electric power and having a considered charging schedule will reduce your refuelling costs. That means benefiting from overnight home charging, workplace charging and a few public charging top-ups.

Lower maintenance costs

You can expect maintenance costs to also come down when you switch to electric. That's due to the much simpler technology under the bonnet (or floor) so rather than having an internal combustion engine with its large number of component parts all capable of wear and tear, there's a battery pack and an electric motor or two.

Congestion zones and other restrictions

If you live or travel into London you'll know all about the London Congestion Charge zone and more than likely the ULEZ zone too. Both charges can easily run into the thousands of pounds per year if your diesel-powered van is required to travel into those areas. For electric vans the combined cost per year is a tenner.

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Every engineer who uses an EV is now committed to using one and has easily adapted to them. I doubt they would ever return to traditional fuel

Graham Short | Fleet Manager @ Zip

Urban air quality

Let's improve air quality in our towns and cities

Clean Air

Zero Tailpipe



Average 190g/km

Typical C02 van emissions

Let's compare a medium sized electric van with its diesel alternative

Based on annual mileage of 20,000 miles

Peugeot Expert Pro


Peugeot e-Expert Pro Premium 75kWh

1,673 kg* (assumes 52g/km at power source supply)