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Japan Mobility Show 2023 - EV round-up

The Japan Mobility Show 2023 showcased a variety of electric vehicle concepts from a range of manufacturers, as well as other innovative mobility solutions, in addition to flying cars. Here’s a round-up of the main EVs at the show.


Lexus presented two concept vehicles at the Japan Mobility Show, the Lexus LF-ZC electric saloon and the Lexus LF-ZL electric SUV.

The LF-ZC battery electric saloon concept previews a new production model scheduled for launch in 2026, and the LF-ZL is a vision for a flagship battery electric SUV, featuring the DIRECT4 all-wheel drive system as featured on the current Lexus RZ 450e. Aerodynamic improvements such as digital side mirrors are expected to result in a target drag coefficient (Cd) of less than 0.2. Combined with next generation batteries, improved energy efficiency and weight reduction, Lexus aims to achieve around twice the driving range of conventional BEVs.

Lexus says that its EVs will be able to replicate the driving characteristics, sounds and vibrations associated with different types of car, so the driver can tailor the experience to suit their personal preference (although we’re not too sure why you’d want the noise and vibrations of a petrol engine in an EV).

Lexus will engineer a completely new modular vehicle structure, and new interior technology, as part of the company’s aim to be a battery electric vehicle brand in Europe by 2030, and globally by 2035.

Lexus LF-ZC Concept 2023

Lexus LF-ZC Concept

Lexus LF-ZL Concept 2023

Lexus LF-ZL Concept


Toyota displayed a number of electric concepts, including the world debut of an all-electric Land Cruiser. Few details have been revealed about any of the concepts, but Toyota has said that the Land Cruiser Se measures 5,150mm in length and is a seven-seater.

Toyota Land Cruiser BEV Concept 2023

Toyota also showcased the EPU electric mid-size pick-up concept. Measuring 5,070mm in length, the double cab model can carry five people.

And there was the Toyota FT-3e, an electric crossover that previews the replacement for the existing bZ4X, and the impressive-looking FT-Se electric sports car concept – but again revealed very few details about it.


Suzuki showed the eVX, the company’s ‘first global strategic EV’. The car’s exterior styling has evolved since it was showcased for the first time at the Auto Expo 2023 held in January in India, and the interior was revealed for the first time in Japan. The Suzuki eVX, which features an electronically-controlled 4x4 system, is expected to have an electric driving range of 310 miles.

Suzuki eVX

The company also showed the eWX mini wagon EV and an ‘e EVERY CONCEPT’ mini-commercial BEV van. However the most interesting exhibit was its flying car (a 1/5 size scale model).


The Subaru stand included the Sport Mobility Concept, an electric sports car, featuring a high-riding crossover approach. It looks interesting and purposeful and could replace the BRZ, although Subaru hasn’t confirmed any plans to take it forward to production.

As well as cars, Subaru showed its ‘Air Mobility Concept’ two-seater air taxi, complete with five rotors surrounding the streamlined passenger compartment.


Mitsubishi showed the D:X Concept, a seven-seater electric Crossover MPV that is a combination of a traditional off-roader and a minivan, inspired by the Delica range of vans, which first appeared 55 years ago, and which was available with four-wheel drive from the mid-1980s.


Mazda showcased the stunning ‘ICONIC SP’ compact sports car concept, complete with doors that lift up rather than open outwards. The ICONIC SP has a battery, which can be plugged in, but it also features a 370 PS dual rotary powertrain which can charge the battery and can burn a variety of fuels including hydrogen. So not an electric vehicle but an interesting powertrain nevertheless.

Mazda ICONIC SP Concept 2023

The MX-30 crossover is currently available in R-EV guise, which uses a single-rotor motor as a generator in the same way as the ICONIC SP. The lightweight and compact rotary engine is mounted in the centre of the car, with the entire vehicle weighing 1,450kg.


Nissan has revealed a total of five different electric vehicle concepts in the run-up to the show, including a pure electric successor to the iconic performance Nissan GT-R.

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