Charging Your Electric Car

At home, at work or out and about

Charging at Home

More than 90% of EV charging is carried out at home, through the night, as it is often the most practical option. 

There are grants available for home chargers and some vehicles come with free charger installation. Our friendly team of experts are happy to advise you on the charging options available with your chosen vehicle.

You can further reduce the running costs of your EV by setting up a suitable low-rate overnight tariff with your electricity provider. Electric Cars and Vans can often be set up to only charge at certain times so that you can take advantage of off-peak rates. However do be careful if you have to charge in the day outside your normal pattern – we have had instances of cars not charging because a timer wasn’t turned off!

Charging at Work

Employers across the country are beginning to offer charging access in workplace car parks, which serve as the next most-likely place a vehicle will spend time parked.

The ability to charge at work can potentially double an EV driver’s all-electric daily commuting range.

Charging out and about

More and more public charge-points are adding to the UK’s network all the time, making it possible to charge not only at petrol stations, but also supermarkets, leisure centres and car parks. There are now 13,000 public charging points in the UK*.

To make use of the various charge-points available however, it is important that you know what types of charge-point your vehicle can use, as electric car charging can be carried out in a few different ways, dependent on the type of vehicle and cable connectors.

Read our advice sheet on ‘Knowing Your Connectors’ and take a look at our tips on ‘EV Charge Point Etiquette’

*Aug 2017 (Zap-Map)

How long will it take to charge?


Standard Charge
(up to 3kW)

Standard charge is available in all UK homes with a home charging unit. It will take approximately six to eight hours to charge the average pure electric car.


Fast Charge
(up to 7-22kW)

7kW domestic chargepoints are widely available for use with 32A circuits. Higher power fast charge will normally occur at dedicated public charge bays rather than at home. This will fully charge an average pure electric car in three to four hours.


Rapid Charge
(up to 43kW AC, up to 50kW DC)

Rapid charge will only occur at dedicated charge bays. This will charge the average pure electric car to 80% charge in around 30 minutes. Cars are usually configured for either AC or DC rapid charging, but not both. Many rapid chargers offer both AC and DC rapid charging options.

EVs Are Easy to Charge…

…it’s as simple as plugging in your mobile phone

V2G Charging from DriveElectric

Earn rewards for plugging in your electric vehicle. Available Summer 2018 for home and business.


  • "I have been driving a Nissan Leaf supplied by DriveElectric for over three years. The car is fantastic, is well engineered and a pleasure to drive. It feels very futuristic and clean and conventional internal combustion cars now seem primitive in comparison, so I will never buy another. I love the way the Leaf's satnav helps me to find charging points and have used it to travel quite significant distances without any problems."

    Dan Grierson Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • "It's not just a great EV, it's a great car. It's quiet, it's comfortable, and it's spacious. It's safe. The driving experience is fantastic."

    Tesla Model S driver Buckinghamshire