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BVRLA Leasing Broker Member

Following the Code of Conduct

Established in 1967, the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association is the trade body for companies engaged in the leasing and rental of cars and commercial vehicles.

Through its 500 member companies and their customers, the BVRLA represents the interests of more than two million business car drivers and the millions of people who use a rental vehicle each year.

It lobbies at the heart of government in the UK and EU to ensure that regulation and legislation affecting its members is fair and doesn’t stifle competition. The BVRLA also works with public sector agencies, industry associations and key business influencers on key road transport, taxation and finance-related issues.

The association regulates the industry through a regular series of quality assurance inspections and a mandatory code of conduct.

This code of conduct establishes standards of good practice for the passenger and commercial vehicle rental and leasing industry. It is intended to ensure that customers who obtain rental or leasing facilities from BVRLA Members have an absolute right to expect and receive the highest levels of service, honesty and integrity.

As a member of the BVRLA we pledge to provide for our customers:

  • A clear contract for the product or service we are providing, and a clear statement of any associated costs for our service and your rights to cancel the service.
  • A clear and accurate summary of the leasing or finance terms.
  • Advice based on your stated needs and requirements. We will only proceed with selling a product and/or service that reasonably meets those requirements.
  • Advice, where possible, on the most appropriate vehicle, based on your requirements.
  • Efficient and professional handling of any after-sales requirements.
  • Commitment to the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association’s Code of Conduct.
  • An effective complaints procedure with access to the Concilliation service administered by the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association.

At DriveElectric we are proud of our association with the BVRLA. For more information please visit