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Jaguar Logo 2019Jaguar launched their first 100% electric SUV the I-Pace in 2018. I-Pace won the 2019 World Car of the Year award and is available with a 90kWh battery and in several trim levels. View our latest Jaguar car lease deals below:


Jaguar I-Pace review

From the outside, the I-Pace exudes the immaculate elegance we’ve come to expect from Jaguar. Yet once you get inside the cabin – making use of the automatic door handles which retreat flush into the body – it quickly becomes clear the historic British carmaker has gone above and beyond with the Jaguar I-Pace interior… 

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jaguar ipace electric car

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Electric SUV’s are a roomier option for those that need extra space for passengers and cargo, a great choice for families. There are more electric SUV options than ever before, at one point this segment was a lonely space where the high-end Tesla Model X was the only option. Now there is a wide range of options available in this segment to suit all budgets and driving needs.

Electric SUV lease offers

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