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Nissan LogoNissan has been a leading electric car manufacturer since they launched their LEAF model in 2011 and has built on this with newer versions of their hatchback available. The LEAF was the world’s first 100% electric car designed for a mass market and is available to lease through DriveElectric. The LEAF has been popular worldwide, in 2014 Nissan followed up on the success of the LEAF with their second 100% electric vehicle. This vehicle is an electric light compact van called the e-NV200, and we delivered our 700th Nissan electric car lease back in 2019. A Nissan LEAF car lease will save you money in fuel and maintenance costs compared to a traditional combustion engine car. The LEAF has zero tailpipe emissions so you will also be doing your bit to clean up the air in your local area too. If you are interested in viewing the Nissan electric car lease deals we have on offer, then browse our selection below.

New Nissan ARIYA coming soon

The Nissan ARIYA has been announced as a new electric car to watch out for in 2021. The ARIYA electric car will be made in Japan and imported to the UK – unlike Nissan’s LEAF where UK models are built in the North of England at the Sunderland plant.

It’s surprising it has taken Nissan this long to release a new electric car since their LEAF first went on sale around 10 years ago in 2011 (at that time the LEAF was pretty much the only EV option available!).

We’re looking forward to taking a test drive in the ARIYA electric car next year; our expectations will be high for this EV, and the LEAF will be a difficult act to follow.

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The family hatchback car segment might not be rocketing in growth quite as fast as SUV models generally, but there are some style beacons to be found within the electric hatchback world with some cult icons emerging; the Nissan LEAF, BMW i3 and Honda-e are all examples of this and were built from the ground up as electric cars. There are new hatchback options becoming available too like Volkswagen’s ID.3 for example. It’s the first car from the ID range, VW’s first electric only line, with no petrol or diesel variants available. 

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