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Convertible car lease deals are a great choice if you’re looking for an electric car with a touch of class. The stylish car type also known as a cabriolet, benefits from being able to remove the roof of the EV in those warmer months and often offers a sportier design. Currently, all-electric convertible lease options are slightly limited with only a couple of models available, however, there’s lots of great new battery electric convertible lease deals heading to the market soon like the Fiat 500e Cabrio and the luxury performance EV Tesla Roadster. Find the perfect convertible car lease special for you with DriveElectric, we offer competitive convertible lease rates for both business leasing and personal lease customers, view all of our convertible electric lease deals below and try our online quote tool and get a personalised quote today.

New to electric vehicles?

No worries, we’re not. We have 10+ years experience with electric vehicles so you’re in good hands, take a look at our guides below or contact us for more information:

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Business leasing

Could electric cars or vans work for your business? Going electric will save your business and your employees money. With fuel savings, 0% BIK (Benefit in Kind company car tax) there’s never been a better time to make the switch (and save)

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Personal leasing

Leasing, instead of purchasing outright, offers a more affordable option to drive the car you really want. At the end of the lease period you can simply hand the car back to us, with no further obligation, or ‘upgrade’ to a newer model and continue to enjoy the benefits of electric motoring

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