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NIO lease

A specialist electric car brand from China, NIO is set to launch in the UK during 2023

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NIO in the UK

Although they haven't arrived in the UK just yet, this will change during 2023, with the Chinese EV brand confirming expansion as it looks to build on 122,000 EV units it sold during 2022.

Specialising only in EVs, NIO also is one of the few carmakers which is pursuing a 'power swap' strategy where vehicle batteries can be swapped out for a fully charged set at a dedicated location. There are currently over 1,300 such stations mainly in China but it's an interesting twist on providing additional range very quickly. In September 2022, the brand opened its first power swap station in Germany, with the facility capable of swapping out more than 100 batteries a day.



NIO Power Swap Station

NIO Power Swap station, Germany

NIO ET7 rear


NIO ES8 rear


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