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Require an alternative, flexible funding solution? Try FlexiHire, our short-term EV hire solution for UK businesses.

Currently our FlexiHire product is available for business users only. We offer short term rental solutions to some fleet customers to help ensure a smooth transition to electric too.

If you’re interested in our FlexiHire product, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01628 899727 (Option 1) and one our specialist Business EV Consultants will be happy to assist!

No, you are required to ensure you have fully comprehensive vehicle insurance in place.

We will need to see evidence of this prior to delivery of the lease/rental vehicle. Please speak to your insurance provider for a quote as prices may vary.

Still need help?

Explore our comprehensive FAQs or contact us directly, we’re on hand to support you throughout your 
electric journey.

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