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How to choose the best electric car

As the reasons for switching to an electric vehicle(EV) from a traditional petrol or diesel car continue to stack up, now’s the time to think about what kind of EV you want. Even if you’ve previously or currently drive a hybrid powered car,...

Audi e-tron GT

Electric cars buyers guide

The early weeks of the new year are always exciting. It’s a new dawn, a new day, and a new opportunity to start feeling good about making some positive changes in our lives. And what could be more of a positive change than being more...

Ford Mustang Mach-E front

Electric vehicles and their environmental impact

If you’re looking at electric vehicles, environmental impact is probably high on your list of priorities. There are plenty of benefits of making the switch to electric. The positive impact on our environment is one of the biggest and best,...

Electric company car tax explained

April 2020 was a watershed moment for electric vehicles(EVs) as company cars. The UK government slashed electric company car tax, instantly making EVs much more attractive for businesses and employees. Here we take a look at what company...


Tesla: Your questions answered

When we funded the UK’s first Tesla Roadster in 2008, it kickstarted our journey into electric motoring, and we’ve never looked back. In fact, our Managing Director, Mike, went to visit the Tesla Factory in California a few years ago, so we...

Tesla electric car line up at supercharger

EV charging stations explained

In the UK, over 90% of electric vehicle (EV) charging is done at home. This is usually the cheapest and most convenient way of charging up, but sometimes we need to rely on public charging stations to top up our batteries.

Instavolt Banbury location

Electric vehicles vs petrol/diesel/hybrid

It’s impossible not to have noticed the sea change in the motor industry over recent years. From the rise of autonomous cars to the soaring popularity of electric vehicles (EVs), this is one of the most exciting periods in automotive...

How does leasing an electric car work?

Leasing, most of us have heard of it, some of us know it much better than others. But even if you’ve been leasing cars for years, you may not be as familiar with leasing an electric vehicle(EV). In the interests of getting you up to speed,...

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