Is an electric vehicle the right choice for me?

If you drive less than 100 miles a day and have off-street parking then the answer is yes!

With the UK’s public charging-point network growing everyday, advances in battery technology making electric cars more affordable (and with greater mileage range) than ever before, anyone looking to buy a new car now has the option to consider an electric version.

If you have off-street parking at your home or workplace (where you can charge the vehicle battery) and you generally drive less than 100 miles in a day, then an electric car could be the perfect choice for you.

With our simple monthly leasing plans, all your motoring costs (excluding car insurance) can be taken care of with a single monthly payment making it easy to budget.

Find out more on our How to Buy page.


Drive Electric in 5 easy steps:

  • Step 1: Decide your monthly budget
  • Step 2: Choose the electric car that suits you
  • Step 3: Agree contract terms and pay initial deposit (usually 3 payments)
  • Step 4: Let us know when is convenient for your home charging unit to be fitted (if required – you can just use a regular 3-pin plug socket)
  • Step 5: Take delivery of your brand new electric car (comes complete with all necessary charging cables)


  • "I have been driving a Nissan Leaf supplied by DriveElectric for over three years. The car is fantastic, is well engineered and a pleasure to drive. It feels very futuristic and clean and conventional internal combustion cars now seem primitive in comparison, so I will never buy another. I love the way the Leaf's satnav helps me to find charging points and have used it to travel quite significant distances without any problems."

    Dan Grierson Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • "It's not just a great EV, it's a great car. It's quiet, it's comfortable, and it's spacious. It's safe. The driving experience is fantastic."

    Tesla Model S driver Buckinghamshire