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Electric Nation – The Biggest Ever EV Trial

Watch the video below to find more about this exciting new project:

Get in touch to check if you’re eligible to take part.

Sales of EVs have grown over the last couple of years we are hoping to continue to see that, growth there are more models becoming available. New electric cars will have larger batteries and faster charging capabilities which will help lower emissions and costs for electric vehicle (EV) owners. EVs are fantastic vehicles, whenever someone gets in the car they are really enthusiastic and they always bring a smile to people’s faces.

Electricity distribution networks have enough power to supply electric vehicles for charging purposes. However if the vehicles are clustered together in large groups and are charging simultaneously then networks might become overloaded.

The potential capacity issue on the electricity networks could be alleviated by a smart energy system that manages the charging between the electricity network and homes and allows people to charge their cars the way they want.

We will be recruiting over 500 participants to take part in the trial. Both pure electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid drivers can take part, all participants will be given a free smart charger, through which the project team will be able to monitor their charging behaviour and capture that data.

The findings from this trial will help us understand charging behaviour and by understanding this better we will be able to defer reinforcement of the UK’s electricity grid by up to £2.2 billion and also stop any unnecessary excavation involved in replacing cables.

If you are going to lease or buy a new electric vehicle then please become part of our electric nation community, initially the trial will take place in Western Power Distribution license areas of the South West, South Wales, West and East Midlands. You will receive a free smart charger., and most importantly you will be helping to futureproof our electricity networks so that more electric vehicles can drive on our roads.