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Maxus T90EV - The First UK All-Electric Pick-Up

Maxus may be a relatively unknown brand in the west, but it’s been producing a very successful range of commercial vehicles for over a decade - the latest of which is set to plug a pickup trucked-shaped gap in the electrified market.

Meet the Maxus T90EV - one of the UK’s first all-electric pick-up trucks.

Pick-up trucks have long been associated with our eagle-loving cousins in America, however their popularity has slowly grown in the UK becoming a favourite amongst tradespeople and businesses alike. But their gas-guzzling, US-derived motors aren’t a great fit for Britain’s soaring petrol prices.

The Maxus T90EV remedies that.

Maxus T90EV Unveiling

Fitted with a battery pack that houses 88.5kWh of capacity, the T90EV is set to achieve a WLTP range of 198 miles whilst driving in a city setting. City driving has always been an expensive excursion in a big diesel commercial vehicle, but a huge advantage of going electric is avoiding both the congestion charge and the ULEZ charge.

The 150kW motor will grant the 3.3 tonne Maxus plenty of torque and power - 201bhp of it - to tackle off-road driving, or lug large payloads on-road, with ease. The 1,485 x 1,510 x 530mm cargo box affords the Maxus a large bed with lots of room for whatever you need to carry.

A rugged and practical pick-up doesn’t equate to a spartan interior though. A 10.25” digital touchscreen and instrument cluster brings the humble pick-up into the modern age, with a flat floor affording maximum cabin space for both passengers and the driver. Welcome quality of life features such as; reversing camera, rain-sensing windscreen wipers and automatic headlights add to the premium feel of the Maxus.

It’ll ship with 17” alloy wheels and a chunky stainless steel sports bar with a rope hook.

Orders for the Maxus T90EV open in August 2022, with first deliveries being taken at the beginning of 2023.

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