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New Hyundai SEVEN & Kia Concept EV9 electric cars

Hyundai and Kia have revealed two new sport utility electric vehicle (SUEV) concepts, the Hyundai SEVEN Concept and the Kia Concept EV9.

Both concepts have striking exterior styling as well as interiors featuring three rows of seats with layouts that can be changed depending on whether or not the car is being driven.

The Hyundai SEVEN Concept has wheels that feature integrated Active Air Flaps, which deploy or retract depending on whether brake-cooling or low-drag is required, and the interior even has a fridge.

The Kia Concept EV9 has 22-inch wheels, a 27-inch ultra-wide dashboard display, solar panels, retractable roof rails, and a camera monitoring system that replaces the conventional door mirrors.

Both concepts are previews of future electric SUVs that should be capable of driving ranges of around 300 miles as well as the ability to charge from 10-80% in 20 minutes at a 350kW charger.

The COVID-19 pandemic appears to have inspired two features on the Hyundai SEVEN Concept. The cabin air quality system – called Hygiene Airflow – is based on the air conditioning in an aircraft, with air entering the car through air intakes in the roof rails and exiting through vents behind the rear wheels, as well as air entering through vents in the dashboard and exiting through vents at the rear of the car. Hyundai says that the system can isolate the airflow between front and rear occupants and reduce cross-contamination among passengers. And, the car can also sterilise itself when the occupants get out by sanitising UVC lights which help to clean bacteria and viruses.

The Kia Concept EV9 has three ‘interior modes’. ‘Active Mode’ is when the vehicle is moving. Then there’s ‘Pause Mode’, when the front and rear row of seats face each other, and the second row of seats in the middle turn into a table. ‘Enjoy Mode’ opens the tailgate and turns all seats around to face the rear so the occupants can enjoy the view out of the back of the car.

It wasn’t that long ago when Hyundai and Kia were seen as the budget offerings in the UK car market, these latest EV concepts show that has all changed.