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DriveElectric helps at South Bucks Hospice for the day

We’ve been busy in our local community! A core tenet of DriveElectric’s philosophy is about putting people first - it’s why we’re so customer focussed.

But there’s a time to step out of the office and get stuck in.

A group of volunteers swapped the phones, emails and EVs, for a day of sorting and stickering at our local South Bucks Hospice charity shop.

The people of South Bucks have been generously donating lots of items. Every donation is incredibly important as it allows the hospice to raise funds and continue to provide important palliative care for residents.

Before the work began, our crack team was given an expert demonstration on all of the key responsibilities they’d be undertaking for the day. DriveElectric’s Head of Strategy Yuichi couldn’t resist trying on this pom-pom adorned winter hat, as they say, a smile speaks a thousand words!

First job: sorting donations. There was lots of generosity on display with the amount of clothes handed in. However, not all of them were suitable to go back out for resale. To ensure things sell, donations must not be ripped or heavily stained and in generally good condition - so everything suitable for sale was put out ready for pricing.

Our Pricing Manager Rob was aptly given the licence to price with the sticker gun. As Rob’s job title indicates, he was a pro at pricing up all of the items ready for display.

Once all of the sellable items were correctly priced up, there was just one last round of sorting before putting them out on the shop floor. All pieces of summer clothing were prioritised and separated out. Unfortunately Yuichi’s hat wasn’t the most suitable for the current weather so it’s in storage until autumn!

With donations sorted, clothing priced up and summer threads out on the rails, the DriveElectric team ended the day with a lovely group photo in front of the shop.

Thanks again to South Bucks Hospice for having us for the day! Neil, Rob, Yuichi and Chloe had a really enjoyable time.