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Having created an in-house electric research team in the early 90s, Hyundai is now at the forefront of the current golden age for electric cars. There aren’t many major car manufacturers that can say they’ve been manufacturing electric cars for a larger part of their history than they haven’t. The Hyundai Motor Company was only established in 1967, but it had already developed its first pure electric car by 1991. Nowadays, with more than three decades of experience to call on, the South Korean carmaker makes some of the very best EVs money can buy. And thanks to our superb selection of Hyundai lease deals, it doesn’t cost very much at all to get one of these fantastic cars on your drive.

Their plans for all-electric models, from now on, will sit under the IONIQ sub-brand and future releases are planned with the view that Hyundai can become the world’s third-largest electric car maker by 2025. View all our Hyundai car lease deals below.

Hyundai electric cars to lease

Here at DriveElectric, we specialise in fully electric Hyundai leasing. The ground-breaking IONIQ and Kona appeal to different types of drivers, depending on whether you’re in the market for a saloon-type car with the convenience of a hatchback, or an environmentally friendly SUV. There is also Hyundai’s brand new EV available to lease, the IONIQ 5 lease,

Whichever size and spec of car you’re searching for, you can tailor your Hyundai business lease to fit your company’s needs. Leasing an EV is perfect for a fleet of company cars, especially with the green credentials you get from going electric. We can help you determine the type of contract you need, and the same goes for if you’re after a Hyundai personal lease too.

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Charging a Hyundai

Charging up your Hyundai is easier than ever thanks to the UK’s ever-expanding charging network. This means it’s possible to lease a Hyundai electric car even if you don’t have your own charge point at home, although this is advised to achieve the best cost per mile. Unless that is, you can charge up at work instead.

Touching briefly on cost per mile, we named the 38kWh Hyundai IONIQ Electric the cheapest EV to run in our class of 2020 awards. Based on an electricity cost of 14p per kWh, it came out at just 3.2p per mile. The 64kWh Hyundai Kona Electric, meanwhile, works out at 3.6p.

Whether you’re more interested in cost-effective motoring, protecting the environment or simply driving a high-spec car at the forefront of modern technology, we have a Hyundai car lease for you. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone to enquire about your next car today, or simply fill in our online contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Benefits of leasing a Hyundai:

Simple and convenient
Tell us how long you want your Hyundai lease to last, then pick your mileage and deposit and wait for your car to arrive
Latest tech
Our latest Hyundai lease deals allow you to drive a car with the latest tech, which you can do each time you take out a new contract with us
Road tax and warranty included
Road tax is included for the entire duration of your contract when you choose one of our Hyundai lease offers, with a full manufacturer warranty bringing you added peace of mind.

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