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Vauxhall LogoIf you are looking for an electric Vauxhall Lease, then why not look through their current range! In 2019, as part of the PACE! Strategic Plan, Vauxhall announced that they were looking at electrifying their all passenger carlines by 2024. This bold commitment to electric vehicles has led to the release of the Vauxhall Corsa-E, which is an all-electric hatchback with a sporty look and is now available with both personal and business leasing offers. Soon there will be additional vehicles added to the all-electric Vauxhall vehicle range, with Vauxhall updating each of its existing models to have an electric alternative by 2024. Keep checking in the future to see which other Vauxhall Electric Cars & Vans we have leasing offers on, so you can find something that will suit your style and needs. In the meantime, take a look at our current Vauxhall electric car lease offers below:


Our first look at Corsa-e

Just before the Corsa-e was available to lease we were invited for a preview. Mike (our MD) went for a look and his first impressions were: “Very pretty car, 50kWh battery with good regen” – a whole 8 words, short and sweet, thanks Mike. (…we might send a slightly more loquacious DriveElectric team member to the preview of Vauxhall’s next EV.)

We covered this event in our EV news roundup back in October 2019…

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DriveElectric MD Mike with New Vauxhall Corsa Electric car in blue


Fully Charged Show – Corsa-e first drive

When an electric Corsa is available you know EVs have gone mainstream. The Corsa-e has a subtle ‘e’ badge to tell you it’s electricbut doesn’t make a big song and dance about its electric powertrain otherwise. Tiny detail: Robert notes there is no rubber cover over the type two charging connector (we got a little bit excited about this small detail too) as the flap itself seals you don’t need to double cover the charge port you use most often as the majority of manufacturers do – well done Vauxhall, this is such a practical touch on a very small detail.


About the Corsa-e

Corsa-e is identical in to its fuel equivalents, but with the EV benefit of no emissions. You can expect a clean effortless experience driving this EV, and as with all pure electric cars you can look forward to a near silent drive as there is no engine noise.

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vauxhall corsa electric car in orange


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