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Home charger options

At DriveElectric we always recommend that if you're able to accommodate a professionally installed home charger at your property then this is the best and most convenient way to keep your electric vehicle topped up with electrons.

It can also be the best way to lower costs and lower carbon, taking advantage of overnight lower rate tariffs. Plugging your EV in while not in use also helps DriveElectric Plus customers take advantage of the lowest carbon charging too - by charging up the vehicle when the carbon intensity on the National Grid is at its lowest.

Our recommended home chargers

There's a whole world of choice out there but we recommend both Pod Point and Easee.

Easee Home Charger

Easee One

  • Works great with DriveElectric Plus AI-powered charging & driver app
  • Connects with your solar using Easee Equaliser
  • Remote support
  • Charge your EV with up to 7kW of power
  • OTA software updates
  • Wifi and mobile data enabled
  • Available in a choice of 3 colours - Black, White or Anthracite Grey
  • Simple docking station means charger can be replaced in seconds
Pod Point home charger

Pod Point Solo 3

  • Charge your EV with up to 7kW of power
  • Remote support provided by Pod Point
  • OTA software updates
  • 5-year warranty as standard
  • Does not currently work with DriveElectric Plus
  • The UK's market leader

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