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Electric car salary sacrifice schemes

Salary sacrifice schemes for employers

Deciding you want to put in place a salary sacrifice scheme for cars across your business is just the first step. You need to make sure it works for the unique needs of your organisation. That’s where we come in.

Simply get in touch with our experts and they will help you build a scheme around the needs of your business and people. We provide a tailor-made salary sacrifice scheme that is just right for you.

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Car salary schemes for SMEs

You may be a small and medium-sized business, with 1-10 employees. If you want to offer a salary sacrifice scheme for every employee in your organisation, we can help you build it out. Or you can just choose eligible employees, like your C-Suite. It’s up to you.

With our simple and easy to use portal, your employees choose their preferred car and lease agreement. We do all the calculations for them and for you, so everyone knows where they stand.

Once your eligible employees choose the car they want to drive (we offer a full range of electric vehicles including Tesla, BMW and Audi as well as SUVs and Vans), a monthly leasing cost is assigned from us to your employee. We then even set the payroll up for you, deducting the sacrifice from each employees’ pre-tax salary and adjusting their PAYE and NI contributions accordingly.

Car salary schemes for larger organisations

If you’re running a bigger business, you’ll need help implementing your car salary sacrifice scheme across your organisation. We do everything from start to finish.

First, we’ll work with you to define what your scheme looks like covering aspects including:

The number of employees the scheme is available to

Cars available to employees

Lease terms for employees

When you’re all signed up, your employees get access to our safe and secure online portal to choose their car and define the terms of their lease. It’s a simple process that takes the onus of organisation away from your business.

We do the hard work for you in setting up payroll and organising the salary deductions right across your company. We even help you promote it to your employees once it’s up and running.

  • Keeping the message strong

    We don’t just help with setting up your scheme. For many businesses, once the initial “buzz” of the car salary sacrifice scheme has died down, their employees focus on other things at work and forget about the advantages of the scheme and what it can mean for the environment.

    We help your business keep the momentum up and the buzz going. At DriveElectric, we work with your business to inform, inspire and promote EV driving and its benefits to your staff throughout your agreement with us long after its launch.

    And if you’re an employee, you’ll be hearing a lot from us and your employer about what a car salary sacrifice scheme can mean for your daily driving and your tax savings.

  • The best salary sacrifice car scheme for employees

    If you’re an employee wanting to sign up to a salary sacrifice car scheme, you’ll be in safe hands with us at DriveElectric.

    It’s up to your employer to define the parameters of the scheme, but once they do the power is given to you. You get to choose the car you want to drive, the length of your lease and have full visibility of how this affects your salary and tax contributions.

    You can even include the cost of insurance and a home charger into the agreement for more savings.

A tailor-made salary sacrifice scheme that works for employers and employees 

The best car salary sacrifice schemes account for every possible scenario a business and its employees face. What happens if an employee wants to change their car? Can an employer increase the scope of the scheme to include more eligible employees?

With a tailor-made salary sacrifice scheme from DriveElectric, we help cover off all eventualities and will work alongside you to ensure you can update and evolve your scheme in line with the needs of your business. Crucially, we cater for all scenarios when a lease might need to finish early.

Early termination protection

So, what happens if you want to terminate a lease early? For many lease agreements, this would result in financial penalties. However, at DriveElectric we build early termination protection into our car salary sacrifice schemes to protect both the employee and employer from financial penalties.

Scenarios where this may come into play include:

  • Job changes: If an employee gets a new job in a different location or is fired, they might need to terminate their lease early. 
  • Financial changes: Significant life events like marriage, divorce or starting a family might mean they need a new type of vehicle or to change their transport needs. In this scenario, an employee might opt for early termination to change their vehicle within the scheme or step away from the scheme entirely.
  • Financial problems for the business: If a business is going through a period of financial uncertainty, they may have to make employees redundant, which would necessitate breaking the lease agreement.
  • Health problems for an employee: Following health problems, an employee may be unable to drive or might need to adapt their vehicle to accommodate medical needs. The EV may no longer be appropriate, which could lead to early termination.
  • Relocation: If an employee relocates as part of their job (especially aboard) the leased vehicle may no longer be feasible. This may result in early termination.

At DriveElectric, you can choose to include early termination into your salary sacrifice scheme to ensure any of the above scenarios are covered off for both your business and your employees.

Get in touch today to discuss our EV salary sacrifice scheme

Give the team a call on 01628 899727 to get started with your company’s car salary sacrifice scheme. Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 5.30pm.