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8 of the Best EVs with the Longest Ranges

Which EV has the longest range?

Below is our pick of the bunch. The following EVs have the largest range, keeping you on the open road for as long as possible between charges. To calculate the list, we’ve used our ‘real-world range’ (RWR) instead of the manufacturers’ WLTP range. This didn’t hugely affect the standings, but it’s important to note as there may be other vehicles that have a higher claimed WLTP range. We’ve also tried to include vehicles for each body type and budget.

1) Tesla Model 3

WLTP: 360 miles | RWR: 285 miles

Thanks to Elon Musk, the most recognisable name in EV motoring takes the top-spot in range with their ground-breaking Model 3. With a real-world range of 285 miles, there’s few journeys that the Model 3 can’t complete without a top-up. Even when it does need some juice, Tesla’s superchargers will give it up to another 200 miles range in 15 minutes. With all of the tech inside the cabin, the battery capabilities and charging options – the Model 3 encapsulates the future of motoring.

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2) Ford Mustang Mach-E

WLTP: 379 miles | RWR: 270 miles

Many die-hard petrolheads screamed ‘blasphemy!’ when Ford attached the famous Mustang name to an EV. But the Mach-E is an incredible car. The striking design houses outrageous performance figures that would make Steve McQueen blush – putting it up there with the likes of the Polestar 2. Not only that, but the range is phenomenal. 270 miles of real-world range is more than enough for most journeys. Now – where’s that Bullitt DVD…

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WLTP: 331 miles | RWR: 260 miles

SKODA’s all-electric SUV is one of the best on the market. Utilising Volkswagen’s MEB modular platform – used for the ID.3 & ID.4 – makes the cabin very spacious. It’s an ideal family car with the range to suit. 260 miles of real-world range will get you from A to B, back again, then onto C, D and E. Once the charge does run out, a 150kW public charger will see the ENYAQ recharged up to 80% in just 30 minutes. A great car with an incredibly long range. It even won the ‘Best Electric Large SUV’ at the WhatCar? Awards 2021.

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4) Kia EV6

WLTP: 314 miles | RWR: 255 miles

Kia’s all-electric SUV might just be the best on the market. If winning the WhatCar? of the Year 2022 is anything to go by, anyway. The 77.4kWh battery not only powers the curved 12.3” Driver Display Touchscreen, infotainment system and lane departure warning system – but it also gives the Kia a 255 mile range. Every one of those 255 miles is done in supreme comfort, too. The heated seats are adorned with vegan-leather. A heated steering wheel keeps digits toasty in colder weather. The EV6 is an incredibly good offering from the Korean auto-maker. Read our full road-test review here.

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5) Volkswagen ID.4

WLTP: 314 miles | RWR: 255 miles

The ID.4 is the first all-electric SUV from Volkswagen. Serving as the bigger brother to the ID.3 (spoiler alert – that’s number 8), the ID.4’s green credentials are very impressive. VW produce the ID.4 with a carbon-neutral balance resulting in guilt-free motoring right from the off. Ethical motoring is very comfortable too. Heated seats, DAB radio, hill-assist, wireless phone charging, multifunction camera – the list goes on. With a range of 255 miles, drivers get to enjoy the fully-equipped ID.4 for mile-upon-mile.

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6) Hyundai Kona

WLTP: 301 miles | RWR: 251 miles

Hyundai and Kia are positioning themselves as the go-to options for mid-size EVs, and it’s easy to see where the foothold was established. Hyundai’s latest offering is the Kona, which is positioned to take the EV crown from its domestic competitor. Heated seats throughout the cabin, heads-up display and surround parking-sensors are just a few features that give the Kona a real chance of stealing Kia’s thunder. A range of 251 miles also sits the Kona in the upper echelons of range, making it an incredibly attractive choice indeed.

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7) Kia e-Niro

WLTP: 283 miles | RWR: 235 miles

Gradually becoming a staple of UK roads, the e-Niro’s popularity isn’t by accident. The first iteration won the WhatCar? of the Year back in 2019. Its affordability, equipment and reliability has garnered industry-wide praise. Smart cruise control, reversing camera and premium JBL sound-system all contribute to a lengthy features list. The 64kWh battery keeps the e-Niro going for 235 miles, but accommodates rapid charging too. A 45 minute stop-and-charge will have the battery back up to 80%. The best bit though? Everything is backed by Kia’s trademark 7-year warranty. “Peace of mind” should really be Kia’s strapline.

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8) Volkswagen ID.3

WLTP: 261 miles | RWR: 215 miles

hatchback with a 200+ mile range? Look no further. Serving as the smaller sibling to the ID.4, the ID.3 merges extensive tech into a smaller shell. VW’s first ever carbon-neutral car, the ID.3 offers industry-leading sustainability credentials. Don’t let the hatchback body fool though, it’s spacious inside and has become a popular lease for families. The 58kWh battery is coupled with a 150kW motor which provide brisk performance and a lengthy range. 215 miles will see most families through most journeys.

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Size isn’t everything…

Of course, range size is an important factor in deciding which EV is best for you. However, most households rarely need to do 200 miles+ in one continuous blast every day. Driving 200 miles takes between 3-4 hours, and a 30 minute break after all that driving isn’t a bad thing. Letting the car charge for half an hour becomes secondary to a decent break. Besides, that gives us time to recover from the shock of having to pay £10.99 for a service-station sandwich.

The bottom line is: get a vehicle for your needs. A school run, shopping trip and 150 mile motorway trip are all well within the capabilities of most EVs on a single charge. Especially our high-range heroes.