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Autocar Awards 2022 - EV Winners Rundown

Some of the most notable awards have been held by industry stalwarts for decades, but with disruptors like Tesla on the prowl, the inevitability of battery power was reflected in the night’s biggest winners.

If Autocar’s expertise is anything to go by (say - 130 years of experience), the EV invasion is fully underway.

Kia EV6 - Best Electric Car

The EV6 has become a critical darling since its release. Crowned Car of the Year 2022 at the WhatCar? Awards, Kia’s winning streak continued at the Autocar Awards, taking home the golden-gong for ‘Best Electric Car.’ With less than 6 months on the market, its impressive styling and fully-dedicated EV platform has proved an incredible success for the Korean automaker.

Packed with cutting-edge tech, Autocar Editor Mark Tisshaw stated: “With the EV6, Kia has eclipsed its natural rivals, and the car goes further than most rivals to make everyday motoring feel special.”

High praise indeed.

Skoda ENYAQ iV - Best Family Car

Beating both ICE and EV rivals to Best Family Car is no easy feat. The hotly contested sector sees a plethora of brilliant challengers every year, with each manufacturer vying for the attention of prospective customers who need a bit of extra space, but have a bit more income to spend on their car.

The ENYAQ iV hits a perfect sweet-spot, resulting in quite a lot of car for a modest price. The Czech automaker’s first purpose-built SUV has been on the market for less than a year, but has seen huge success. So much so, the automaker handed off the ENYAQ iV to its motorsport division, resulting in a sporty vRS version available to customers later this year.

Autocar Editor, Mark Tisshaw provided high praise for the Skoda, commenting it’s “been designed by people who understand the way the world’s roomy, cleverly thought-out and ergonomically sensible.”

There’s not much more you can ask for from a family car.

Fiat 500 electric - Best Small Car

Love Island fans unite! Italy’s most notable export since gnocchi, the Fiat 500 continues to capture the heart and soul of many a devoted fan.

Its distinctive design and fashionable credentials has led to the 500 becoming as much a fashion icon as it has a car. Building on the classic Italian design of the late-50s original, there’s no denying the latest offering is every bit as pretty.

But don’t let the cutesy exterior be cause for dismissal. Underneath, the Fiat is an incredibly capable little city car. With a class-leading WLTP range of 199 miles, three driving modes to aid energy efficiency and great handling - the Fiat 500 embodies everything city cars should strive to be.

Concluding his thoughts on the all-electric 500, Mark Tisshaw summed the Best Small Car up nicely: “it is genuinely joyful, to look and to drive. It is recognisable, it’s retro yet modern, it’s cute and it’s distinctive.”

It’s the best small car in the only way the Fiat 500 can be.

Tesla Model 3 - Best Company Car

Last, but by no means least, is the electric car brand of the future - Tesla.

Historically, choice for Best Company Car would boil down to which German diesel saloon critics preferred. Thankfully, diesel cars are seeing an incredibly sharp decline in popularity. The knock-on effect of which, means cars like the trailblazing Model 3 are awarded Best Company Car at the Autocar Awards 2022, providing a show of EV force that demonstrates the marked shift towards all-electric cars.

With the recent release of the Model Y and the bonkers Cybertruck on the horizon, it’s likely Tesla will continue to capitalise on its stranglehold of the EV market in the future.

However, as the Kia EV6 proves, auto-manufacturers are doubling their EV efforts. This can only mean stiffer competition for Tesla, but result in a better landscape for consumers: more electric options at a cheaper price.

*Elon doesn’t like this*