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Citroen Ami UK prices announced

The Citroen Ami is an electric quadricycle and it’s going on sale in the UK. The Ami will cost from £7,695, and there’s also the My Ami Cargo, a ‘light goods variant’, priced at £7,995.  

The Citroen Ami can be driven with a 'Category AM' driving licence that covers a moped, which allows the licence holder to drive two-wheeled or three-wheeled vehicles with a maximum speed of 28mph. Which is why the maximum speed of the Citroen Ami is 27.9mph.

The Citroen Ami has a 6kW electric motor, and a 5.5kWh battery that gives it a range of over 46 miles (under World Motorcycle Test Cycle (WMTC) testing).

You can fully charge the Ami in just three hours from a home wall box or a public charging point using a Type 2 connector. Although the Ami will be sold in the UK, it will still be left-hand drive. The positive spin on this is that it can allow the driver to get in and out from the kerb.

 The Citroen Ami is available in three trim levels: 'Ami', 'Ami Pop' and 'Ami Vibe'. There’s just one My Ami Cargo model.

Citroen Ami side profile
Citroen Ami interior
Citroen Ami Cargo Suez
Citroen Ami interior

There are also three Colour Packs - Orange, Blue or Grey - which can be fitted at home and cost £400. Each pack includes colour-coded wheel trims, colour-coded rear pillar decals, three colour-coded dashboard storage boxes, a colour-coded dashboard bag hook, exterior door capsules, two door storage nets with a colour-coded horizontal band and two black floor mats with colour-coded trim.

All Colour Packs also add a separation net between the driver and passenger footwells, a smartphone cradle for the dashboard and the DAT@AMI connection box that allows customers to view information such as their Ami’s charge status from the MyCitroen mobile app.

The Orange Colour Pack comes fitted as standard on the 'Ami Pop' trim level, which costs £8,495, with the Grey Colour Pack featuring on the 'Ami Vibe' trim, costing £8,895.

The My Ami Cargo’s passenger seat is replaced by a storage area. Including a lidded box in the rear creating 260 litres of storage space, the My Ami Cargo has a total load capacity of 400 litres. My Ami Cargo is seen by Citroen as ideal for businesses carrying out short distance or last-mile deliveries.

The Ami and the My Ami Cargo will only be sold online, with customers placing their orders through a dedicated Citroen Ami digital platform.

Watch how Suez is using the Citroen Ami Cargo on site