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ENSO Tyres: The B-Corp Manufacturer making EV-specific tyres

Becoming the first B-Corp Certified tyre manufacturer is no small feat. B-Corp companies excel in areas of sustainability, ethical impact and inclusivity – so for Enso to receive this recognition in the world of manufacturing is incredible.

Why the need for B-Corp tyres?

The environmental impact of tyres is what’s been dubbed a ‘shadow pollutant’, and is completely overlooked in favour of reducing tailpipe emissions. Both are obviously incredibly important, but tyre emissions are mostly unregulated unlike their tailpipe counterpart. As a tyre wears, it produces small pieces of plastic and rubber called particulate emissions. Particulate emissions account for up to 28% of all ocean microplastics – which is a huge percentage in relation to more well-known causes of microplastics.

Enso’s eco-approach doesn’t just benefit our oceans though. There’s very few EV-specific options when it comes to tyres, which is a problem. Due to an their increased curb-weight and above average torque, EVs wear tyres out 20-50% faster than ICE models. This creates a disproportionate amount of tyre waste specific to EVs. Very few companies offer bespoke tyres made specifically for electric cars, and as such are poorly optimised for the aforementioned difference in power delivery and weight. This has a knock-on effect of reducing real-world ranges for electric vehicles across the globe.

Does Enso’s EV-specific design actually work?

To develop and test their tyre design and formula, Enso conducted a hypermiling exercise with two identical Renault Zoes. The only difference was choice of rubber. One was fitted with Enso tyres, the other with Primacy from Michelin.

After identical conditions for both vehicles, the Enso tyre granted the Renault Zoe an extended range in comparison to its Michelin counterpart.

How are they different to normal tyres?

Well, Founder and CEO Gunnlaugur Erlendsson hasn’t disclosed the formula for these revolutionary tyres. Understandably so. Much like Coca Cola keeps their iconic formula a secret, it’s unlikely we’ll find out how Enso produce such efficient tyres any time soon. Not that we need to. The market for EV-specific tyres is growing exponentially year-on-year, with even bigger shifts occurring in the next decade. If they enhance the green credentials of EV ownership then sign us up.

Once a tyre goes beyond its legal tread limit, Enso will recycle any of its own-brand tyres into new ones, too.

Their business model offers fleet customers a direct subscription model, which is a real rarity in the car and commercial sector. There’s no upfront cost, with an average cost of 1p-per-mile. Partnerships already include the Mayor of London, Transport for London, DPD and Royal Mail. Huge organisations with even bigger fleets. Expect them at a Kwik-Fit store near you, very soon.

If Enso can become the first manufacturer to gain a foothold in this EV-specific sector and cater for the giant influx of socially-conscious motorists – then there may be a new king of rubber in town.