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EV drivers are less stressed behind the wheel

A cost of living crisis, exorbitant fuel prices and a pandemic backlog - it’s no wonder the general public feel stressed. However, a shift in the vehicle you drive may just ease a little bit of that tension.

After surveying 2,000 drivers in the UK, DS found that 78% had experienced stress when driving. This may sound like a general by-product of using UK roads. However, it can have devastating consequences.

31% of stressed drivers admitted that it negatively affects their driving, many of whom have reduced hazard perception and a heightened likelihood of making a dangerous decision.

But there’s a very simple way to reduce that stress! The survey found that 38% of those who drive a car with an electrified powertrain, said their current car makes them feel calmer compared to their previous petrol or diesel vehicle.

Why is an EV better to drive?

Among the respondents, there were three standout features most effective at reducing stress whilst driving;

A quiet and refined drive was cited by 41% of survey respondents as a key relaxer

This is what EVs do best. Thanks to their smooth and near-silent power delivery, an electric vehicle is uniquely positioned to provide a calming drive from A-to-B.

Even the most luxurious and high-end ICE vehicles are inherently flawed, as there’s no getting away from the fact a traditional engine relies on thousands of small explosions every minute to run. It’s a noisy process. Then there’s the gearing, which can be involved, jerky and clunky in a manual car. Automatics can suffer the same fate, with only the most refined gearboxes shifting through gears in a smooth manner.

With an EV, there’s no gears. It’s simply stop or go. No fuss, all driving pleasure.

52% stated a comfortable interior and seats were also (unsurprisingly) important to comfort

With the move by many manufacturers to net-zero, lots of EVs now come with luscious interiors that are eco and animal-friendly - without skimping on the comfort. As lots of models are now offered with a range of 250+ miles, so a comfortable interior is imperative!

34% of drivers require a smooth ride

Next up is a smooth ride. In electric vehicles, all of the weight is at the bottom of the car, spread across the floor. This reduces body roll when cornering, keeping the car planted and flat as it turns in. The added weight of the battery forces manufacturers to fit uprated suspension on EVs too. This affords most EVs the latest technological advancements that an OEM has to offer, resulting in a smooth and refined ride.

But what about before you’ve even got the keys? Over half (51%) said they found the overall experience of purchasing and owning a car stressful.

Why not completely remove the stress altogether and lease instead?

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