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First look at the Toyota bZ4X

With Toyota describing the new model as a ‘comfortable and spacious’ SUV, it is the first of a new series of bZ – beyond Zero – vehicles that the brand is developing. Development of the model was completed in conjunction with Subaru and uses a brand new dedicated BEV platform, which sees the battery unit incorporated into the chassis – a technique now common among OEMs.

Range is claimed to be around the 280 miles mark which in all likelihood will result in a real world range of around 210 – 220 miles. Furthermore, Toyota has also revealed that it expects the lithium-ion battery unit to retain 90% of capacity after 10 years or 150,000 miles, which is excellent result. At the heart of the SUV is a 71.4kWh battery pack, powering the front wheels and producing 201bhp, there’s also an all wheel drive version which bumps the power output up to 214bhp.

Visually the bZ4X is unmistakably a Toyota, with the rear light clusters reminiscent of the smaller C-HR model, while the front of the model shares some similarities with the RAV4, although the bZ4X designers have taken the opportunity to block out the grille and taper the bonnet, which gives the overall impression of a model less aggressive than its SUV stablemate.

With the use of the new platform it has given the designers the opportunity to create a spacious interior, with a good sized boot and lots of legroom for rear passengers. The driver cockpit again borrows from Toyota’s tried and trusted design manual, with everything driver focused and easily reached.

Order books are expected to open at the end of 2021, with first deliveries in the spring.

Toyota bZ4X charging
Toyota bZ4x rear
Toyota bZ4x interior
Toyota bZ4x side