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Volkswagen gives GTX treatment to ID Buzz

Hot on the heels of the ID.3 and ID.7 Tourer receiving GTX make-overs, is the turn of the Volkswagen ID Buzz to get its go-faster-stripes.

As we're now familiar with the carmaker that has brought us special GTI versions of its cars for over 40 years, Volkswagen is using the GTX badge on high performance versions for its all electric models.

First out of the traps were the ID.4 and ID.5 to receive GTX models - and there's been real appetite for them too, with one in five orders being for a GTX version in Europe. Now it's the turn of the ID.3, ID.7 Tourer and ID Buzz to get their versions.

Volkswagen ID Buzz GTX 2024

There's some exciting additions to the ID Buzz GTX, so first up there'll be GTX versions for both the standard and long wheelbase versions as well as new battery units for both;

  • Standard wheelbase receives a new 79kWh battery unit
  • Long Wheelbase receives a new 86kWh battery unit

Then there's the powertrain and for the GTX it's a 4MOTION all-wheel drive unit across the board - that's two electric motors, one for each axle. The front gets an 80kW motor, while the rear a 210kW powered motor.

The most powerful Bulli of all time, with two wheelbases and two battery sizes, available as a 5-, 6- or 7-seater, plus the standard all-wheel drive – for optimum pulling power and traction in every driving situation. It should really be called the ID. Buzz GTXXL!

Lars Krause, Board member for Sales & Marketing @ Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

With that extra power on tap, the ID Buzz GTX receives a nice bump in towing capacity too - the standard wheelbase is uprated to 1,800kg while the long wheelbase is now at 1,600kg. That's a sizable uplift from the non-GTX versions' 1,000kg tow limit.

At the front of the EV there's the now typical GTX treatment to the daytime running lights as well as tweaks to the front bumper.

Volkswagen ID Buzz GTX rear
Volkswagen ID Buzz GTX 2024 interior