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Tesla Model X review

Zoe’s thoughts on the Tesla Model X

Hi I’m Zoe from DriveElectric, I’m a lucky girl today because we’re getting to review the Model X by Tesla. This car’s gotten some nifty little features, and ‘little’ is probably not the right to use because they’re big features! For example on opening the car door; we can open it up here you can see it’s nice and open and all I need to do is put my foot on the brake and it will close itself. That’s cool.

When we open the doors on this car we use this lovely car key and it’s shaped like a Tesla as you can see here. Each section of the key opens the corresponding parts of the car, so if you touch either side of the key it will open the falcon door, and the front doors will open depending on what side of the car you’re standing on.

Model X has sensors all the way around it which are intelligent and will pick up whereabouts you’re standing, so it will also know if somebody’s standing too close, it’s not going to open a door on anyone, it’s very safe. The same safety net applies when you’re in a car park, you don’t need to worry about opening the falcon doors in those tighter spaces, because the car will figure out how far away is from that next car and the ceiling(!) and as long as there’s a eight inch gap the Falcon doors will open up safely in the space that’s available.

The interior of the Model X is something to behold, it’s really gorgeous. At the front along the dashboard it’s got a lovely suede feel in a soft grey and it really ties in nicely. It's a really good looking vehicle. You get a real sense of space with it’s glass roof over the top which extends beyond over my head here and creates a real open feel to the car and within the car you’ve got all those seats at the back there with the panoramic view through the roof, and everybody’s going to have a real comfortable spacious ride.

In terms of configuration, you can select how many seats you would like from five six or seven. This car’s been chosen with six seats and so what they’ve done is they’ve taken out the middle seat on the second row and so there’s a nice space in the middle there to give everyone a roomier ride.

As the driver I have the touchscreen at hand here, I can just use my seat warming up a bit, it’s a little bit cold today, so I can press a little button there on the touchscreen for a nice and heated seat.

There’s a nice display in front of me here telling me exactly what’s happening with the car, and I’m linked to my phone so I can use Spotify to get the music that I want. I’ve got USB ports as well just by the side of me here and there’s two for the passengers behind me also.

It’s a very very clever car and it’s also got autonomous driving capability so as long as you’re within the white lines of the road markings the car will pick up those white lines and you can switch to autonomous driving by clicking the little paddle underneath the steering wheel and it will drive itself, which is a strange feeling to behold but fun nonetheless!

And it’s fast, plus Model X has a driving range of about 280 miles per charge. So how much does one of these cost? This Tesla Model X that we’re driving today is the Ludicrous mode the 90D version, it’s about a hundred grand thereabouts (c. £100,000), however another option is to lease one of these for about £780 a month (plus an initial rental payment at the start of your lease). If you could see yourself driving one of these leasing means it’s not beyond the realm of possibility.  So essentially I love this car! Love it. I want one!