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MultiMac visits DriveElectric HQ to film a 6-seat Tesla Model 3!

It’s almost impossible to fit three regular child car seats in a 5-seat car. At best, it’s a squeeze. At worst, they simply don’t fit. Parents shouldn’t be forced to get a new car when expanding their family, or compromise with an MPV if that’s not what they’d like to drive.

MultiMac identified this, and have the solution. With multiple configurations available, full customisation options and the choice between 3 or 4 seats – the MultiMac can transform the backseats of a car into a row of fully ECE approved child seats. Their innovative solution allows a family to keep their current vehicle, as well as accommodate a new addition.

This is especially important if their vehicle is a brand new EV.

Watch the full episode on YouTube below.

For their latest episode of Will It Fit? – Kevin and Minty from MultiMac headed down to meet Robyn from DriveElectric. We challenged them to fit a MultiMac into two of our most leased vehicles – the Kia EV6 and Tesla Model 3.

Both cars have five seats as standard, are similar in price and have WLTP ranges of 270+ miles. The Kia EV6 continues to go from strength-to-strength, winning WhatCar? of the Year 2022, and becoming one of the most purchased cars on Autotrader. Meanwhile, the Tesla Model 3 continues the brand’s dominance of the EV market, becoming a staple of UK roads.

The perfect choice then, for MultiMac to fit their car seats into! Before long, Kevin, Minty and Robyn were on site and ready to fit the seats. They even took the cars for a little spin, too.

Now meet the video stars...

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