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Rainbow Restoration heads to Net Zero with the help of DriveElectric

Key takeaways

  • Invaluable, expert support throughout the onboarding of electric cars and electric vans

  • Rainbow established measurable and attainable Science Based Targets by implementing greener transportation solutions

  • DriveElectric provided additional services such as vehicle charging data and the optimisation of any associated emissions

  • Electric fleet to grow overtime, currently includes three cars and one van

Rainbow Restoration logo

Rainbow Restoration

Rainbow Restoration UK is a nationwide network of franchises that has been supplying disaster recovery and specialist cleaning services to a wide range of commercial and industrial customers since 1987.

Rainbow restores tens of thousands of homes each year following fire, flood, escape of water or accidental damage incidents. Over 50 branches cover the entire country, delivering a service, anywhere in the UK, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Problem

In 2022 Rainbow Restoration embarked on a journey to reduce its environmental impact, including its carbon footprint, as part of a longer-term goal to achieve net zero.

 With the help of environmental consultancy RSK, Rainbow has established measurable and attainable Science Based Targets, in line with guidance provided by the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTI).

 Rainbow identified that its vehicle fleet accounts for 43% of the company’s total emissions, prompting an urgent need to invest in a greener transportation solution.

Rainbow Restoration

The Solution

Rainbow Restoration turned to DriveElectric to help reduce emissions from its vehicles.

Mark McMullen, Managing Director of Rainbow Restoration, explains: “DriveElectric presents an excellent balance between trusting advice, a strong market presence, and price. Our shared commitment to a sustainable future aligns perfectly, setting the stage for an ideal partnership and the achievement of common goals.” 

“DriveElectric not only advised and consulted with us but also provided invaluable support throughout the purchase of our electric cars and electric van. The company’s guidance was instrumental in helping us select the van, and they went the extra mile by assisting with its unveiling to our franchisees.”

The Outcome

DriveElectric has now supplied three electric cars and one electric van to Rainbow Restoration. The vehicles are being used for site visits, consultations and any other travel needs of Rainbow’s workforce.

Key Account Manager Kelsey Cane, a recipient of one of the fully electric vehicles: "I absolutely love my EV, and I can confidently say I wouldn’t ever go back to using a petrol or diesel car. It’s incredibly convenient being able to recharge both at home and work, minimising the need to visit petrol stations. There are also route planning apps available which show you the different charging points to help you factor this in to any long journeys."

“Prior to owning an electric vehicle, I definitely experienced some 'range anxiety' - the common worry about the vehicle's ability to cover required distances. However, the evolving infrastructure in this space has exceeded my expectations, making the experience far more convenient and accessible than I initially imagined.

“There are lots of things you need to consider prior to purchase, such as the type of vehicle, which can dramatically affect its capabilities. For instance, my Volkswagen has a range of 320 miles in the summer, with a slight decrease of about 20 miles in winter due to increased use of heating, lights and wipers.

“Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, one of the most significant differences I’ve noticed is the cost of charging. A full charge at home costs me approximately £18, which is a substantial difference compared to a tank of petrol or diesel.”

As part of its ongoing commitment to reduce carbon emissions, Rainbow is working towards the complete adoption of electric vehicles across its network. The company has 50 branches across the country, each with varying numbers of vans. Rainbow is sharing its vehicle telematics data with DriveElectric so more electric vehicles can be adopted as part of a sustainable fleet.

We're delighted to have DriveElectric as our dedicated and knowledgeable partner. The company embodies the values and aspirations we hold dear as a business, and its dedication to creating sustainable mobility perfectly aligns with our vision for 2024 and beyond. Throughout our journey, DriveElectric has consistently demonstrated its expertise and support. We look forward to a long partnership with DriveElectric as our journey matures.

Mark McMullen, Managing Director, Rainbow Restoration

Mike Potter, Managing Director of DriveElectric, adds: “Because Rainbow Restoration is on a journey to net zero, the company is a perfect fit for DriveElectric. That means we can work in partnership with Rainbow to recommend a practical and workable strategy to transition to electric vehicles, as well as to supply the EVs as needed. DriveElectric can also provide additional services such as vehicle charging data and the optimisation of any associated emissions - working together to help create an even more sustainable business.”

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