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Fully Charged SHOW leads from the front with EV salary sacrifice scheme

Key takeaways

  • DriveElectric's Salary Sacrifice Scheme provides up to 40% cost savings compared to traditional business hire.

  • Fully Charged's eligible employees had the opportunity to select from a vast array of brand-new electric vehicles.

  • The scheme aids employers in attracting, rewarding, and retaining top talent, thereby accelerating their organization's progress towards its net zero objectives.

  • Fully Charged has utilized the Modular scheme of Salary Sacrifice to aid in their carbon reduction strategy.

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The Fully Charged SHOW is the world’s number one home energy and electric vehicle channel hosted by author, broadcaster and actor Robert Llewellyn, Helen Czerski, Jack Scarlett, Elliot Richards, Ricky Roy, Imogen Bhogal and Dan Caesar.

After more than a decade, the Fully Charged SHOW has amassed a highly engaged, global audience in excess of three million consumers, and monthly episode views have topped four million.

Fully Charged Live South 2023 Farnborough
Fully Charged Live South 2023 Farnborough

Fully Charged exists to educate, encourage and explain to its viewers that almost all of the energy that the world demands can, and should, come from ‘clean’ sources, like solar, wind and energy storage; in short, to inspire people to ‘STOP BURNING STUFF’.

Fully Charged LIVE will consist of several shows worldwide in 2024, and will adopt the name of ‘Everything Electric’. Everything Electric is due to attract over 100,000 consumer attendees just in the UK alone in 2024, as well as offer over 30,000 EV test drives.

The Challenge

If you’re a global leader in all things electric vehicles and clean energy, who do you turn to for the supply of electric vehicles for your own organisation?

The choice for the Fully Charged SHOW was DriveElectric; the company started working with Fully Charged many years ago to supply EVs through business contract hire. But when there was a need to ramp up the supply of electric vehicles for increasing numbers of staff, it was time to move to the next level.

The Solution

Fully Charged is now able to offer its team EVs with big cost savings thanks to DriveElectric’s salary sacrifice scheme.

Salary sacrifice enables employees to save up to 40% on an electric vehicle by exchanging part of their salary; the gross amount sacrificed reduces the employee’s income tax and national insurance (NIC) liability, as well as the employer’s NIC liability.

Salary sacrifice is a cost-effective way for an employee to switch to a new EV, with zero upfront outlay, in addition to enjoying lower vehicle running costs. The scheme also helps employers to attract, reward and retain the best employees, and accelerate an organisation’s progress towards its net zero goals.

With EV expertise stretching back many years, DriveElectric has dedicated consultants to advise about electric cars, supported by tax and compliance specialists, and an on-call team to answer any questions. DriveElectric will also assist organisations to promote salary sacrifice schemes to employees, and can organise EV test drive events.

The Outcome

DriveElectric is providing its ‘Complete’ salary sacrifice service to Fully Charged, enabling the organisation’s eligible employees the ability to choose from one of the widest selections of EV salary sacrifice deals.

Fully Charged Live South 2023 Farnborough

We’ve been using DriveElectric for many years, for both business contract hire and more recently for salary sacrifice for pure electric vehicles. DriveElectric’s unique scheme has enabled us to offer our team a compelling benefit with access to hundreds of electric vehicles, whilst there has been very little admin or risk to Fully Charged.

Dan Caesar CEO @ Fully Charged SHOW

Mike Potter, Managing Director of DriveElectric, adds: “Fully Charged is leading from the front with its engaging communication about electric vehicles and clean energy, so we’re obviously delighted to be working with the company to help its team benefit from savings of up to 40% on new EVs. While the staff at Fully Charged are flat out delivering their mission to encourage the world to shift to cleaner energy and zero emission vehicles, they can trust us to provide the latest EVs to their team, which, aside from giving us cleaner air, are so much better to drive than cars with engines containing exploding fossil fuels.”

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