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Audi logoThose looking for Audi car leasing deals, should consider the manufacturer’s electric range. Audi’s electric vehicle offering most notably the e-Tron which sits alongside the Tesla Model XMercedes EQC and Jaguar I-Pace at the premium end of the electric vehicle market. Those looking for Audi personal leases will be impressed by the offering from this high-quality manufacturer, whilst fleet managers looking for Audi business lease deals should talk to our specialist team who can support businesses and their staff in making the transition to driving electric.


Audi e-Tron

In December 2018, Audi announced their plans to invest £14 billion on research and development of new electric cars, e-mobility, self-driving technology. The manufacturer has big future plans to introduce numerous new electric models and soon there will be an Audi car lease deal to suit the needs of all drivers.

The Fully Charged team put Audi’s first fully electric production car to the test – the E-tron SUV can travel 211 miles on a single charge (WLTP), in ‘real-world’ driving conditions this equates to around 175 miles per charge. The good news is that this EV has the capability to rapid charge at 150kW.

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Electric SUV’s are a roomier option for those that need extra space for passengers and cargo, a great choice for families. There are more electric SUV options than ever before, at one point this segment was a lonely space where the high-end Tesla Model X was the only option. Now there is a wide range of options available in this segment to suit all budgets and driving needs. 

Electric SUV lease offers

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